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    I have a post over in the "Sniping Haven", but I'm not sure if the AUG gurus get over there much. I'm upgrading my AUG and I ran into a couple problems: 1) The spring guide did not fit on the Echo Gearbox. I had to file off some round part to get the box back together. 2) The Systema Piston head did not fit either. I had to file open the holes on the sides of the piston head in order to get it to fit the poorly shaped “nubs” on the inside of the gearbox. 3) The stock hop-up is SUPER tight. It felt like I was going to tear the bucking when I installed the new barrel. I was able to install the stock bucking with several squirts of the silicon lube. I assume this is normal, but still irritating. a. I assume I can’t use the H-Nub with the stock hop-up, due to the design of the nub lever. Can I install the H-nub in the metal G&P Hop-up? b. If I can’t use the H-nub on the stock Hop-up then I don’t think I can use the Element bucking. The stock bucking on the Echo1 has a “nub” built into the bucking. Without something extra to push on the “smooth” bucking, I don’t think I will get any hop out of the hop-up. c. Even with the hop-up turned all the way up it still seems to be a little under-hopped. Any suggestions? Here is a link to my other thread: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=149501

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