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  1. Not enough shades of brown. I like the overall look of it.
  2. I have my fair share of patterns and gear. I don't understand what you're saying...
  3. Tyr's molle zip panel is pretty nice. I got to play with one before sending it off to a buyer.
  4. Wow, kit looks great! Lemme know if you need help again.
  5. Ha thanks! Decided to do a full kit up run for an OP at the end of the month.
  6. for sure. or find one of those x-small IOTVs I keep seeing on eBay.
  7. Very similar to Paraclete. ETA: Sorry, I keep assuming. I do take you have had some Paraclete?
  8. It's not MALICE. The attachment system is like all of their products. It's a pretty nice pouch and would recommend it, especially those who like to jump platforms.
  9. Yeah what the *fruitcage*. Ran into some goobers this year firing full auto on the MOUT. His excuse? "This is new to me." FRAGOs fine, but come on, read the damn OPORD
  10. Thanks. Havent decided yet. I tore up my CP low-pro belt to fit my G-code, but I think I'm going to drop that... I usually fatigue faster wit ha belt + PC (probably because I'm out of shape lol). I may just run an OWB leather holster How bad is the postage? I'm thinking about making an order from Tyr pretty soon. So if you want to jump in on mine, I can then send it to you.
  11. Getting ready for a 21hr OP. Pretty much just need: - 'fast'/FB/shingle m4 mag between the pistol and c-bun flap - BFG Upright medium GP next to or somewhere on the right side of the c-bun. - CP panel or any kind of panel for a hydro... Definitely shouldn't have sold mine. SUPER REGRET.
  12. Good to know, but disappointing. I was hoping a WLPS would fit.
  13. It's Mayflower. What's the biggest hydro you can fit?
  14. I believe I spotted one in a picture Invictus released on Facebook.
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