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  1. I wasn't aware of this thread... anyway : PICS Real Sword SVD + Izhmash PSO-1 (+ batteries & charger) + NPZ 1PN58 + Izhmash 6X5 bayonet
  2. Not really an AK, but I hope you will like this stuff...
  3. Dude : Cyma PMC AIMS + VFC stock tube. Concerning the rest of the furnitures... this is too easy to find.
  4. No way you could assemble a Dboys frontset on a LCT receiver. Architecture of each one is completly different. But you could assemble an Cyma AKM frontset (the "Marui" version) on a LCT for Marui receiver.
  5. Very easy build, but very costy ! The answer is LCT. The have every single part to built this gun. - an AKM kit - a tactical receiver with M4 stock tube - an ultimak rail - a dboy modstock Put whatever mech' inside. Sell the remains. You're done. You can also start on an AKMS kit, the receiver may be easier to sell after you're done.
  6. Or you built your gun upon a LCT base (ask replacing the receiver by the "tactical" one when you place your order for free, assuming you're ordering from a decent shop)
  7. Having tried a wide panel of AK's : - Marui - VFC - Ino / LCT - Real Sword - Kalash - Cyma - Jing Gong ...it is still the Ino / LCT that I love the best : rock solid construction,, very very nice finish and on the top of all of this : "Lego" AK concept ! You can almost build your very own AK, or change your AK to another one by replacing some parts. Having now hell of a LCT parts in stock, it's very fun to build exotic AK's. Beside Ino, I love the Kalash AKSU, almost nothing to throw away with this little babe : change the spring, replace hop rubber and bucking by TM p
  8. POSP.RU sells the PK-AS-S for 350 USD + shipping. Tantal actually has the PS-AS-V in stock, for 389.95 USD + shipping. The clamp is not the same as the one that POSP.RU sell, it's the "V" clamp for AK's.
  9. Nice AIMS-74 Alakdan ! I doubt LCT will produce these babies again. Good for me
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