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  1. My 2006 Freelander 1 with a few extras.
  2. Westbound through the Indian Ocean heading towards the Gulf Of Aden. UASC container ship in Great Bitter Lake, Suez Canal. Many ships in Great Bitter Lake. Heading through the canal in convoy. In Le Havre Ice and bad visibility outside Tianjin, China. Another CMA CGM ship in Hong Kong.
  3. Finally got hold of some HSGI suspenders so I'm now happy with this. May at some point though get some grenade pouches and maybe a small M4 mag pouch. Blackhawk belt, can't remember which Blackhawk double pistol mag pouch Blackhawk horizontal utility pouch OD SIG P226 Safariland OD Gemtech lanyard
  4. Container ship Hyundai Express which suffered a rather large fire in the Indian Ocean south of Yemen.
  5. Couple of DVD's, watched The Kingdom already. Very enjoyable. My dinner for tonight, add some chicken, red peppers, onion all fried together. And my TAD Gear Stealth Hoodie arrived recently, very glad I bought it.
  6. Not sure yet, haven't used them properly. It was only once I had bought them that I started finding other people who say they fall apart far too quickly for the price and the name. No sign of that yet but we will see. One of the main reasons I bought them was the look of them but if I was to buy another pair of gloves I probably wouldn't buy the Oakleys.
  7. ^^Thanks, thats always nice to hear.^^
  8. Ok, I finally have some more pics of my US loadout. However instead of finding a loadout I liked and then assembling it I just bought what I found I needed to skirmish. What I am wondering is what US unit could this be a loadout for? Sunglasses are just for show. UKTG RAID modified BDU's Blackhawk CRCH + Rear Plate Carrier TT upright GP pouch TT single shingle TT triple shingle x2 Blackhawk double M4 pouches Blackhawk pop flare pouch TAG double 40MM pouch Maxpedition roly poly Blackhawk admin pouch On the rear plate carrier Blackhawk hydration pouch Blackhawk st
  9. Excellent pics there Bob. Perfect facial expression on the first one Before I went to a black tie dinner a few months ago I admit to posing in front of the mirror with my silence USPc, didn't take any pics though which I regret now. I can see I am going to have to do it again.
  10. 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in Portsmouth 2005.
  11. My old TM M4 with new G&P M203. I was going to put it on my ICS M4RIS but it was extremely front heavy to its on here for now. Cant use it on here either I for now as I have removed the fuse holder and front wiring so it would attach. And both of them together.
  12. My current one. Colombo Express approaching Singapore.
  13. Don't know why I bought it, I don't need it. Just another random probably pointless purchase.
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