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  1. Not sure if they made a Cassepia Snubbie before they where raided by the Police. I remember SAA's and LArge Frame Smiths but not snubbies.
  2. Can't see why it would be any different to any other WE Glock.
  3. If it’s only 10fps, fire a few mags and adjust hop, probably drop 10 or FPS. If not speak to your site, sure they’ll either allow it or no someone who can help. Be a shame to sell it for the sake of a few FPS.
  4. That suppressor mount looks strange, it looks like a compensater. lol
  5. Got Wood - love the N23 but the stock could do with a bit or sanding / filing to finishh it off too the same high standard as the rest of the build.
  6. Really, never been a great fan of the Cougar. Would be interested to here what you still have mate.
  7. Ooo, hopefully got a steel E&L coming my way lol
  8. So what exactly is this, a KWA ERG in E& L Body? Details please.
  9. The Civi 16" Carbines where closed bolt semi auto only models made for US market.
  10. OMG Uzi’s Bren 10 from WE ( everything can’t be perfect) and a 416 from DBLS, this could be one very expensive year
  11. Oh dear god. The Double Eagle mY well be Colts Edsil, but this springer n the crappy packaging? No historical relevance at all, the actual pistol I could understand being posted but the packaging? Was this you Christmas present and did you spend the day playing with the box, while the springer lay on the floor untouched?
  12. Move along, nothing to see here.
  13. Move along, nothing to see here.
  14. Three gun inspired long gun, as rail was half inch longer than barrel threw a can on the end. May build a similar one on an ERG AR at a later date, this is just a boring old regular AEG ( ICS ).
  15. BigAl

    Custom Gear

    Well I reckon i'll be having one of those, an use same mas in my ar's and MP5's then. Make a modern version of my 635.
  16. Love that slide, I it a stupidly expensive one?
  17. Unlikely I know but would love an HK VP70 or any interesting HK (XM8 perhaps ). Or maybe a WA Shorty Forty or WA 1911's.
  18. "a but load of pistols, some that I have never even unwrapped!" tease.
  19. Was always illegal, thats a main part of the gun, if it can't fire without it you need it on licence. Pressure bearing bit caught other items, besides the lower receiver is pressure bearing to an extent.
  20. Love to see this sort of thing, shame it is highly illegal in the UK.
  21. BigAl

    Custom Gear

    Mag is different to the TM Uzi mag, I have a G&P Colt 635 infront of me with 7 Uzi mags. Also have a slot in plastic adaptor and mag, doesn't look like that one either. It looks like a polymer mage with two clip together slots like G36 mags?
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