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  1. BigAl

    Custom Gear

    What is that cool gun Motti? Is it a firearm?
  2. BigAl

    Custom Gear

    Love a couple of those, can just imagine the faces when I pull em out in Tesco's. lol
  3. Up me too, have seen printed ones for the K but not full length.
  4. As its supposed to be a picture thread perhaps mods should delete non picture posts. Which will of coarse include this one, I have newish stuff but not at home at moment, will post when I get back.
  5. Anyone have a spare cocking handle for a Classic Army SCAR L?
  6. Whenever is best for you.
  7. Interested in anything rare n unusual of an HK persuasion, or WA.
  8. Blobface how do those steel kits work on the VP? IS that lower one still available and if so how much?
  9. Kimpoi Grips are made by Cottage Industry in Thailand, Ie loads of people make them at home with basic hand tools and had fit them to a sample gun. Some will fit your gun perfect, some won't. Theres a video on there FB Page that shows this. That is why they are cheaper than RS Grips.
  10. Another little un. Had this Prime SIS Ultra kit in my projects stash for years, finally got around to gettin Negative Airsoft to build it for me on an old WA Kimber Parts gun I had. Was hardest WA Build he's ever done apparently, partly down to old knackered donor gun and partly down to kit. It loos lovely but design is very poor. Where the SIS is cut into slide the remaining metal is way to thin and infact can me flexed with finger tip. Anyway great job Luke thanks a lot. This one will be a safe queen I think. lol
  11. Not not seen that before, then again don't see a lot from Portugal. As for the hose, lol it looks like a pro audio cable from that angle.
  12. That some kind of Zombie Gun? Also is that a Neutrik PA Lead?
  13. Ah, that makes sense. Not sure if I saw the original thread.
  14. Page three and no mention of the Hi Capa's in Torchwood yet? Most the guns in Torchwood/Doctor Who are airsoft, iirc WOlf Armouries supplied then as they do many they productions.
  15. BigAl

    CZ Picture Thread

    NBB, could have sworn the one I held was a gbb, oh well it was eight years ago. Oh yeah by the way thick glossy painted finish is accurate for CZ75’s.
  16. BigAl

    CZ Picture Thread

    New I,d seen a Duty Compact in HK years ago, where’d you get it? Shame the KWC 75 Compacys have the awful screw in back of slide there 1911’s all used to have, ruins it.
  17. Why do non of these links people are quoting work on my Mac? Is it something to do with this new forum? Edit: Now they have popped up, seems to take ages, but the pics have now obscured the text. lol
  18. Stunning, though A nice set of wood grips would finish it of perfectly.
  19. Now this migh tempt me away from my beloved KWA ERG’s.
  20. Dam Hitman, wish we could buy on Yahoo Auctions theres a WA Wilson Combat Profesional for £29! Its silver with wear to the finish but, jeez!!!
  21. Do deepen Weaver cuts and engraving, cerakote and new grips, jobs a good un.
  22. There not Marpat there UCP.
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