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  1. HAd one of the originals circa 2005, to hot for gameplay in UK but f@*k me was it fun to shoot. Love to have a skirmish able one in metal body.
  2. Are the they compatible with regular G36’s?
  3. Yeah that rings a bell, new it was an obscure one. lol
  4. ASGK don’t make anything, it is a Japanese safety standard. Sure i’ve seen one before but can’t remember the make.
  5. God no not Novaks, every *fruitcage*in 1911 out there these days comes with Novaks.
  6. And they had to ruin it with a bloody rail! Wish the barrels where interchangable like the real one.
  7. Screwdriver - I take it that is an old kit yes?
  8. Was building a GBB HK M4D Project but not sure if i’m gonna continue. Might build it as an ERG later instead. Work so far, note forend isn’t fitted properly yet, might need a bit if dremmel work as M4D Gasblock is a bit tight in forend wings.
  9. Should get rid of those medallion grips and get some period appropriate ones on.
  10. Thought that was the case. Shame Prime hasn’t knocked one out for TM’s.
  11. What are the options for a 1911, I know Western Arms have done one, are there any kits to convert TM 1911A1’s to 1911 spec?
  12. Ich fühle mich ein fernweh.

  13. That Bell looks out of place. Can you fit RS Grips, that would help alot.
  14. BigAl


    Its a Smith & Wesson, it most certainly does belong in here.
  15. Nice Colt, horrible G&G thing.
  16. Never could get away with those Umarex Revolver M92’s, the funky back strap shape ruins em.
  17. Any of you guys know if frontsight of a WE F226 will fit a TM or HFC 226? Asking for a guy elsewhere who doesn’t know if he has a TM or HFC, lol.
  18. Yeah problem is the finish on them. His slides etc are cool but the finish just isn’t there.
  19. You again! Jeez Squad, “Where do you get these wonderful toy’s”.
  20. Lovely piece mate, shame about the machining marks on the right though.
  21. As always 701 that is gorgeous.
  22. Wouldn’t be surprised if the clowns at WE just plated a standard gun, in which case the tolerances on it may be a bit tight. It should sort it’s self out with use if this is the case, assuming of coarse it hasn’t fallen apart by then. lol Why the hell don’t they stop messing around with dum double Glocks n the like and sort out there older guns like the 1911. Should make em TM compatible while there at it.
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