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  1. Always while i’m skint! lol
  2. BigAl

    Other pistols

    I had one of those Bren’s the two tone one, what a piece if ! Wish I could find the Maruzen GBB one.
  3. FDE was on AliExpress months ago, unless that was a different make.
  4. Me 1st 2nd and 3rd please, iirc theres three versions. Would be most interested in the basic version. Well to begin with anyway. lol
  5. Son of a *badgeress*, thats an FTC H &K P9S Springer isn’t it? Been after one of those for about fifteen years. If you ever want to sell let me know.
  6. Just like the real Czech made 75 from the eighties. It wasn’t until much later they got a nice matte finish, possibly when the US lifted the block and allowed them to be imported into the US.
  7. They where made before this revolver came out, so at the time they would have fitted any of the Dan Wesson / Ruger Abortions out earlier. Such a shame they haven’t managed to copy the changing barrel design, would have loved to build a case for gun with 2”, 4” 6” an 8” Barrel. Hopefully they do other length guns next. Would be great if they then went on to make proper Rugers.
  8. Anyone got a spare Hi capa foresight I can buy, standard or fibre. Cheers. Work in progress.
  9. The proper Dan Wesson is available now, anyone got one yet?
  10. Anyone got a spare Commander Ring hammer and Thunb Safety in there spares box?
  11. Also interested in painted blue finish, I have a metal Smith M29 that some nugget "Chromed" or as I call it sandpapered! Talk about ruining a rare gun, jez some people. lol
  12. I agree with Ed on the barrel, the 10" Desert Eagle's where the same, only had 6" inners.
  13. All WE 1911's are based off there HI Cappa.
  14. One of those is on my shopping list too, along with the M45A1 from Army iirc, unless I track down a WA one.
  15. Katotaka, that looks really cool, never thought SCAR looked good in Black either. Tan yes Black no way, cool to not only see an airsoft three gun rifle but a non AR based one too.
  16. Not Galactic it's Mandolorian.
  17. Ah, miss read the bit about the receiver, the bit "Its mostly the real deal gun" jumped right out at me.
  18. Bugger, so even if I could persuade you to build me one it would be Section 5! If your gonna build the MAC10 from scratch though I'd be interested in taking one of your hands.
  19. Co2 GBB Uzi? OMG I need one of those. What. where, when and how?
  20. Where did you get those grips? Hopefully they do some more usual design ones in high relief like those.
  21. Yeah was really hoping someone might have on in a draw somewhere. Guess i'll have to speak to my Man in Japan then. lol
  22. Work in progress SAI Glock 17L
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