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  1. Keep it civil dude you seem to be the one with the problem. I was just pointing out HK make a long barrel MP5 and it's called the HK94. Edit: Incidentaly I like your gun.
  2. Why not just call it an HK94 which is what it is, I guess more by accident than design as you don't seem to be aware of it.
  3. Love those P9s, are they MGC PFC's or springers or better still did someone used to do a GBB P9?
  4. Great Idea, is it compulsory for new registrations to locate themselves on the map aswell. I did so as soon as I spotted it, ###### me off that most peaple don't seem to bother. As said before these features really help with answering peoples questions. Anyway I posted this mainly to put the thread back to the top, so job done!
  5. Hmm, touch of Deja Vu, I suggested this in one of the picture hreads a couple of weeks ago. It really would be a usefull resource, especially if we could get newbies to use it and the search feature. Guess i'm being a bit optomistic their though!
  6. I can confirm that Hogue do indeed make grips like that and the auction site is the best plaice to get them.
  7. Nup theirs loads left out their, but fot some of the best they'd need a new production line because their not as close to the Colt. Anybody fancy a Coonan .357, or Grissly .45 Winchester Magnum or best last a Pachmyr .50 BMG sinlgle shot conversion.
  8. Get it from the US, it's £60 on that site, eqivalent to about $115. You could buy and import two or three for that price. Rip of Britain strikes again, though I think thats probably more the SMK influence their.
  9. Depends wether he means 1911's or 1911A1's.
  10. BigAl

    Obscure Weapons

    Out of the ordinary guns
  11. BigAl

    PH PDW.jpg

    From the album: Obscure Weapons

  12. BigAl

    PH PDW P.jpg

    From the album: Obscure Weapons

  13. Cheers for that Antagon, I've beeb lookin for one of these for a while to ad to my collection. Ill find one eventually.
  14. Does it look any better than the TM one and what calibre are the trades? Really would like to see some pictures if at all poss. as i've got a bit of an Eagle collection going.
  15. Whats the WA Desart Eagle like and any chance of some pictures of it please?
  16. Thats a ported barrel not a compensator and and a hybrid slide there from Shooters. I know this because I asked Marcus the other day on another thread.
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