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  1. I agree. I've owned an ACOG Compact, a TA01NSN, and an Eotech and I almost always use my ACOG's when firing both real steel and airsoft.
  2. Yeah, I'm having the same issue as Danke. It just started doing it about 12 hours ago.
  3. Isn't it the bolt returning at the end of the cycle that is causing the weak parts to break? If so wouldn't it be the recoil spring causing the wear as opposed to the gas? I would think that the gas would just cause the bolt to cycle back and the spring would supply all the force that pushes the bolt forward toward the bolt stop and hop up. Meaning regardless of the type of gas used, the bolt would still travel forward at the same speed and with the same amount of force. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  4. Looks like Airsoft Surgeon is kicking out parts for the WA M4 as well now. http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...tail?newsID=825
  5. Not yet. It was SPF, but it fell through.
  6. My SWAT M4. Not exactly real world accurate, as real SWAT units usually use Eotechs and the M500a on their M4's, but I liked the movie version so much better On a side note, does anyone know why some SWAT units mount their M500's upside down? I was watching Dallas SWAT, and they all have them mounted that way.
  7. spartan490

    1K club

    Ah, I wish my scope was the only thing worth over 1k. Those damn PTW's cost a fortune after you factor in mags, batteries, and a skirmishable cylinder. Add another $550 for the Surefire and I put quite a dent in my savings account. Edit: Wait my scope isn't even worth 1k... Please ignore me...
  8. spartan490

    1K club

    It's a Surefire M500AB. I had a G&P M500, but it broke before I even mounted it.
  9. spartan490

    1K club

    Thanks Vicious. I was going for something simple, without all the rails and random accessories that I usually have on my M4's. Lovin' that race gun BTW.
  10. I actually like it better with the silver one. Great looking gun!!
  11. My beloved M14, which I must unfortunetly sell. Thought I'd post a couple pics of her before I do.
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