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    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    I just had to do some googling to see what it comes with normally! I picked it up second hand and had no idea that wasn't the standard handguard, but now I see that its a bit shorter standard.
  2. TMC

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    I had my G&G TR15 Raider L in at Land Warrior Airsoft for a whole bunch of upgrades. - FPS Increased to 370 as per their own site rules for full auto capable guns - Madbull 3-in-1 hopup swapped in - Madbull Daniel Defense 14.5" outer barrel - PTS Syndicate FORTIS Rev rail system - PTS Syndicate MIAD pistol grip with the trigger guard painted black I then fitted a PTS Syndicate MOE stock, Magpul AFG (both Dark Earth) and threw on a set of Magpul MBUS 2. ..Now I just need to consider what optics it wants on there.
  3. TMC


    Wow, I remember this blog... Hi guys, long time no see. (I HAVE A CAR NOW)
  4. TMC

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Misfit, Sniper_boi and Night Raven, please check your PMs.
  5. TMC

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Oh I know.. it makes me sad too. I work 9 to 5... mon to fri. The working environment and the people I work with are fine. Sometimes I even enjoy the job... it's just the whole "why am I spending more of my life at work than I do enjoying the things I love?" I took the entire week off due to an illness and never felt better because of it. Stupid job. Might see if I can work part time.
  6. TMC


    Shut up and speak plain english. plz.
  7. TMC

    Review of the Eotech holosight

    Well, costs wise can go from 300 US Dollars to 400. Here is a link to the optics that optactical sell: http://optactical.com/eotehoandac.html I didn't actually get mine from him, however. I picked up my 552 for 379ish US Dollars including postage from... Scopewholesaler on ebay Very nice guy to deal with alround and kept me informed throughout the entire buying process. Also, a replica doesn't exist because a replica of this would be... exactly the same, including material costs. But hey, the highest grade of Eotech is way cheaper than the new Aimpoint M3 models.
  8. TMC

    The musings of a sleepy Hardcore....

    It's just a bit of a pain that the majority of foods seem to "taste like chicken", huh?
  9. TMC

    Videos Thread !

    Video name: mk23.mpg Weapon(s)/Objective item(s): UNCustom MK23 (KSC) + anime stuff in room Type(s) gas powered sidearm Video type: .mpg Video size: 14.9mb Video length: 42 seconds Other note: Shows how meaty my MK23 is, and shows how much anime stuff I have... Preview picture: None Credits to: me, UNcompany, HSGI, Gonzo, Gainax, Sunrise, Bandai Made by: TMC Hosted by: TMC link: http://anime-haven.org/asmodeus/videos/mk23.mpg

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