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  1. -l-

    Close Quarter Rifle- East

    Kerbs custom replica by LCT
  2. -l-

    KSC HK45 (Japanese version)

    But WE P226 slide is metal to start with
  3. -l-

    KSC HK45 (Japanese version)

    Emperor, ouch on your slide... hopefully after market metal side is comming soon.
  4. -l-

    KSC HK45 (Japanese version)

    The double feed and slide not locking back problem may cause by the magazine spring being too weak. Try to insert a 2-3cm spacer in the bottom of the mag spring to give it a "boost".
  5. -l-

    KSC HK45 (Japanese version)

    Yes KSC 0.2g and paper is A4 size (just in case anyone not familiar with that coin)
  6. -l-

    KSC HK45 (Japanese version)

    Accuracy is not bad though
  7. -l-

    KSC HK45 (Japanese version)

    The grip is so big that i have to use my trigger finger to engage the mag release. However after holding the HK45 I just realize how uncomfortable my marui glock is. I am looking forawrd for a decent metal slide.
  8. -l-


    Got the idea from "Behind enemy line" the movie.
  9. -l-

    Events photo

    Photos of various airsoft event.
  10. -l-

    Battle Rattle

    It's all about gears.
  11. Just installed the tritium night sights on my TM glock, they are super cool!

  12. -l-

    1911 Picture Thread

    Mine! Marui MEU base, PGC kimber warrior kit, RS VZ Operator grip
  13. -l-

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Good old FAPC, my favorite piece of kit so far. Eagle RRV+back panel
  14. -l-

    M14 Picture Thread

    Just my average chop mod EBR, I need to find a front sight for it(CA/GG system)......

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