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  1. If you could make a small video of it shooting that would be creamy Also if you get time can you find a cure for all known diseases! Thanks for all the work you are putting in Vash
  2. Well i got a Luke Skywalker FX Lightsabre for my 27th birthday from my girlfriend! ( Best Birthday present ever ) And its still brings a huge smile to my face a month after i first got it! Its so cool! Come on its a f00king light sabre! I dont care about anyone putting me down or thinking its childish... I just think to my self... have they got a light sabre! No!! Then i swish it around a bit and start smiling again... Anyway quick review Cost £100 Build Quality 10/10 Grin Factor 20/10 If you have a spare £100 and have loved Starwars since you
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