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  1. Not sure if I updated the board and rack, so here they are. You will notice the paper Socom has gone and there's a real one there now. The paper one shot like c###p anyway! The first board has been completely rehased and now has more guns on it. The rifle rack is a bit clearer in this shot. There are more guns but they're boxed (or cased, whichever you like).
  2. My new rehashed boards, just thought you'd like to gaze....... Oh, and the rifle rack, just in case I forgot to post this better shot...
  3. Actually I mean DISINTEGRATING SPINE, the d is next to the s. twit, aren't I! I think my fingers are disintegrating as well if I can't hit the right keys...
  4. It's a Umerex. Not a bad springer and quite a bit of ooomph with it, so I'm a happy kitten. I have so many guns it's difficult to shoot them all regularly, and one gets favourites, I'm sure you know what I mean. Mainly I have been using the new ones, the TOP MP40 and TM M16A1 and Dark Hawk, so everything else has been a bit neglected - except the Marusin M1, that's a super rifle to shoot. The Garand is still awy being fixed. It should have been back last week but never arrived. Not been posted, they say, so i fret a bit.... There are 16 rifles in the rack, but it's not easy to
  5. Hello. I have 83 guns at present, more to come after Christmas, so I'' keep you posted.
  6. I have 83 at present. There should be some more after Christmas, so I'll keep you posted with some pictures as well. Cheers.
  7. It depends on what you want from airsofting. Your present 'stock' may be just what you need, if you skirmish. After all, it's not possible to carry the amount of guns I have around with you at a site, so two is about right. But I collect and shoot indoors, so a large collection is a possibility. However, I don't have an inexhaustible supply of money, so no more until after Christmas!
  8. Now that I have had a chance to test the Dark Hawk I will say that this is a super pistol to shoot. I know it's technically not a true gun, but what the hell, it's a great little weapon and pretty accurate too. Would do well as a PSA (Personal Side Arm).
  9. Sorry, I missed this question. Better late than never! Yes, it's the C02 Marakov 654K. Goes off with a hell of a crack too, But not a true airsoft I fear, it fires 4.5mm (.177) brass ball bearings, not our normal airsoft rounds. As I collect and do not skirmish, I am not against mixing different types of guns. I have the Walther made Winchester 1894 model in the rack and that shoots .177 air gun pellets. It's also incredibly accurate! So I may buy in a few more of this type of weapon, the Beretta XX-Treme for a start, and possobly a rifle, but I have not decided on which one yet. It wil
  10. Had a tote up and it's just over £7000. More to come yet though, so that will increase. maybe I should upgrade my insurance!!
  11. I have put a photo up now, of the rifle rack I mean. But I get lost in a forum so you'll have to hunt for it, sorry about that. But thanks for asking, all enquiries are welcome. Thinking about the future now, next the Mauser Kar98 by Marushin (I've decided on that make), and after that a few air guns I think, I like the flatter trajectory over range, probably Co2. And may be the Beretta 92FS XX-Treme fully kitted out.
  12. It was quite an effort! I have a sisintegrating spine so holding that up needed some innovative ideas. But I got there in the end. It's half inch ply so weighs quite a bit on its own, I'd hate to try and lift it now! Still unable to get the long hooks for the last 2 pistols, the Beretta M190 and the Mk23 Socom. They are both sueper guns to shoot, so it's a bit of a pity I can't display them. There are more full boxes out of view too, about 4 I think, I lose count at times!
  13. Yes, smacked wrists for that. But it's a terrific film, we love it and have watched it soooo many times.
  14. No, it didn't, but I get the point (lol). Here it is again... I did post it somewhere, but I get terribly confused as to where, just old age I guess. The 2 at the bottom on the floor are the Co2 mini uzi and the Vz61 Scorpion by Maruzen - just in case you wondered.... The white thing is a telephone!
  15. Yes, I have the same problem, it's probably universal! I bought a feather duster and just flick that about each day. Hope that helps...
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