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  1. Looks cool, but if one were to release the mag, they may encounter a bit of problem what with blowing up the surrounding environment.
  2. KJW M9 FMV Steel Threaded Barrel Aluminum KA rip-off "Delta Force" Suppressor
  3. Just got this in the mail today- and the barrel bushing for my M1911. After a yearlong hiatus, finally a new blaster KJW M9 FMV and WE M1911
  4. I just obtained my first car...airsoft shall be taking a backseat for a while But, premium fuel is a must. 2004 BMW 330i (E46) 3.0L I-6 225 BHP 214 torques 6-speed manual Premium, Sport, and Cold Weather (a must for Texas ) packages and harmon-kardon sound (makes radio amazing) Schwarz II on Saddle Brown Leather Ja, es ist ein Bayern Mist Wagen lol
  5. Hey hkssr20det, would you allow me to be alone with your M4 for a few minutes while I steal, erm admire it?
  6. I'm likin' the VFC/Ino awesomeness guys, especially that AIMS....*salivation* Quick question: would a PBS-1 be completely wrong on an AKS-104?
  7. Awesome, I've yet to see a pair in the store yet, so I got some SHURE earbuds instead. And yes, for the price, you may as well get an entire symphony
  8. @ Lithium Jack: Ooooohhhh...RADO headphones. I heard that they were a bit uncomfortable though, what's your verdict so far?
  9. It's so beautiful....Wonderful Landie specimen there. But..... NEEDZ MOAR .50 CALABIR MASHEEN GNU
  10. I'm lovin' that FAL uscmCorps, and apologies in advance, "My eyes, they've been SCAR'd!!!"
  11. Teehee...someone has been thinking about GT5:Prologue too much....
  12. Haha, good one Benjamin. Have you seen the video of the guy who went to Tesco's rival store (the name escapes me) and asked for a mising child under the name of "Tes Coscheaper" ? Har.
  13. I've got the rubber ones; the foam ones didn't conform very well. These are pretty light use headphones as I cracked my BOSE around ear HP at the cup, I decided to revert back to earbuds. I've heard they're nigh on indestrucible, so I guess these aren't exactly Glock earbuds
  14. Thanks conservative tastes for the win, shame I couldn't spend it on airsoft though then I'd actually have some decent pieces lol
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