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  1. Did you handmake yours?

    That's his "Real Steel" M-14 from his "Service" days...  :rolleyes:


    @ Dark... Great to see you active in these forums.

    Is the SR-25 your current project or one of your oldies?

    Btw, you really should enter Arnies Build Off contest with your "other" project. Or at least show off some pic's.

  2. img_2623.jpg


    Block II upgrade... Yay! A.C.M Daniel Defence Mk18 RIS II... Real nice quality, but a SOB to install. Even the Dboy's Marui spec threads were too high. Had to sand them down a bit.

    Got to find a BUIS for the bow now... Its almost perfect and I'm running out of ideas on what to do next. When's Block III due? :D

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  3. I look and look and I cannot understand how can you live with 3 mid-caps? I mean if we do mil-sim we don't go to safe-zone often. I would run 3 mags in some 10-15 minutes intense fighting!


    Actually I use 5... 3 in the front, one in the other cummerbund pocket and one in the gun... I've been playing for 6 years now... and my experience and style of play determines that I never need any more per contact.

    I'm usually either the team leader, doing all the shouting and planning or the first or second guy in the door... also known as the first KIA.


    I think he mentioned it's for CQB. If the game is pistols only, we typically carry five pistol magazines.


    Otherwise, I go to our CQB games carrying four low-cap primary with five backup magazines and I seem to do fine. My primary can only do semi-auto so that makes a difference.

    Pistols not so much, but yeah I usually end up in the respawn zone after 45 minutes or so.



    Well that entirely depends on your skirmish site and the games they run, doesn't it? Every standard site I've played in the UK, the games last between around an hour-1.5 hours on average, I always carry 4 midcaps on me and only get through 2-3 usually. Maybe he also makes use of mag pouches on a belt?


    Anyway, I like your tactical pillows Jay. Good presentation, if a little flowery. :P

    I actually used to have loads of mags on my belt, but as the years progressed less and less of them got used... So this is what's left....

    ... Yeah I'm not keen on the wallpaper too, but the other rooms are far worse.

  4. Some classical SAM-R style M16 photos



    Dboy's M16A4 with an old Sytema Mechabox, torque-up gears & M140 spring...Regular Dboy's motor btw. and going strong. Running a 9.6V NiMh, no Li-po yet.

    A.C.M Folding sight

    A.C.M Bipod

    Some Illuminated Optics

    And Hey Presto... a SAM-R of a sort of a DMR rifle.

    Needs a 20rd Pmag.

  5. med_gallery_11916_1891_64891.jpg








    Better resolution in the members gallery section of arnies


    3 or maybe 4 years has past since I saw a RS photo of of such a setup, and I fell in love with it, finally it's finished and tested at a skirmish last weekend, was exactly as I imagined... excellent.


    The gun is a 3 year old Dboys M4 CQB-R with minimal upgrades, and it never ceases to amaze us.

    The A.C.M EoTech 553 replica is by "Optics Depot" from RSOV, and on last weekends local skirmish on a bright and sunny day it was great.

    The An/Peq-15 box is a $13 A.C.M from Ebay, a VFC copy, and it's also nice and solid. I'll be custom fabricating a laser and flashlight soon enough.

    The weaponlight is also 3 y/o, its a Hugsby M2 and is also very reliable.

  6. You are absolutely right... A broken leg must be positioned correctly immediately for it to heal properly...

    4 years ago, there were guys with military first aid experience there... as far as I can remember... And they were the ones to patch and set him up right.

    As for me, It was my boot that held my leg together so well that at first I thought that it was nothing... But of course about 2 hours later the swelling was telling me otherwise so a Hospital trip was inevitable... But seeing how shocked you are of hearing such extreme things happening in the feild, I'm not going to tell you what the hell happened in the hospital... In conclusion I might have been better off at home.

    Health and safety... Yeah we've got them... But what we don't have here are official feilds or sites... We actually rent time on Military training grounds or Private property and ALMOST ALLWAYS everyone's there "at their own risk"... Although the holder of the event is responsible for several other things, one of which is notifying the emergency services of such an event taking place.

    BTW... When ever we do get hurt... We never, ever mention that it happened while doing anything related to airsoft... Bad publicity for airsoft is a big NO NO.


    Look don't worry, I't not that bad here...There are simpler and safer events as well... But some of us like them extreme...The worse the better... If we had cliffs and para jumping available as part of the game...I'd be the first one in line.

    Thats just me... Not Airsoft in Estonia in General.


    Does anyone know of such events taking place anywhere in the world? As in getting paradropped in the middle of a forest somewhere between cliffs, mountains and ravines... With OPFOR swarming the place... Thats like my dream Airsoft Mil-Sim game...I know I saw a video of a similar event on Youtube...Not sure if it was airsoft...Can't find it anymore either.


    Anyway... Its now time for me to watch Top Gear from somewhere on the net... Tx for the great car show Britts.

  7. What are you all on about? The Broken Leg didn't happen this on event...

    As I said this was 4 years ago... Can't change that, Can I.

    Thes site was 150km in the middle of no where, although yes there are always helicopters.

    It was his own desicion, he had no open wound or anything as I can remember... And you have to understand that this was probably his only event of the summer maybe even the year, he had gone through a lot of preparations to get there and wasn't interested in leaving straight away.

    He probably did get an infection... But his still alive and playing.

    And of course we all wanted to call an ambulance... But he is a military guy, and said it was nonsence...Figures. You can't force someone to go to a hospital... Can you?


    I myself broke an ankle at skirmish event... I also didn't want to leave... I stood in guard at a tower for an hour until we were forced to move anyway so I asked a friend to get my car and drive to a hospital myself... yes with a broken ankle... And I walked a kilometre from the parking lot to the hospital.

    After 2 monts my ankle healed fine...

    Dont ask me why I didn't call an ambulance... I guess I just didn't feel like it was bad enough to bother them with it.


    EMS, Police are always notified of the events here and are thus always available.

  8. Don't want to sound like party-pooper here, but if someone breaks a leg or any other bone for that matter during a game, please take them to hospital.

    After all wouldn't someone that badly injured on a real battlefield be airlifted out?


    You haven't seen Black Hawk Down have you? :P...

    Of cource they get taken to the hospital... Eventually... But this guy decided he wanted to stay and guard, so we werent going to stop him.

  9. Nice work! Though the barbed wire is a bit excessive, I think. Accidents can happen, and that stuff is f**king nasty if you fall into it and get tangled.

    Exessive... This is exactly what people here expect and pay for from a Mil-Sim event. Anyway, we do carry tools and MED-Packs to help those poor buggers who do get tangeled in.

    4 Years ago on a similar event... I remember a guy who broke his leg after falling in a sewer hole... He guarded our base for the next two days with a leg that was patched up with a stick and some tape.

    Thats Hard Core Mil-Sim!

  10. It looks pretty good, but why was it a 'failed' event for?


    Our team's primary mission was to build an exessively impressive base camp - Sucess...

    The rest of the event was a bunch of being on time from A to B Hope'ing you meet the enemy and getting back... The area was like 10km's square large and the enemy far out numbered us... and on the missions intended for us the ratio was meant to be the other way around... What sucked the most was that the emeny had some stupid paintball AT4's with infinite ammo and no extra weight with it so the Armored vehicles we were travelling around were useless and so were we, since one hit killed EVERYONE on board... Gamewise thats rediculous, although it does happen in real life... but this is airsoft.

  11. P1160078.JPG_595.jpg

    Gotta keep your *albartroth* hydrated.


    Our T...Rusty old grill... Got buried on site after the event... Rust in peace.


    Oh why can't we just buy the damn things... I'm fed up with hiding them between clothes and *suitcase* when going trought customs.


    Our 4x4 Mitsu L300 and Rental Volvo



    Not very good on kilometers per gallon though... L300 is better for Airsoft.


    Our training event before the Game... One of our members has a sizeable backyard... Take a look:






  12. P1160106.JPG_595.jpg

    Enemy, get your climbing gear.




    Our secondary weapon that day... Also played a role as a dummy die hard foe for our enemy... It wouldn't go down.


    Air defence system... Semi functional :P... Has flaming exhausts, but doesn't fly though.




    Cutting any other wire than the red one isn't recommended = Suicide via Pyrotechnics.


    Our team Captain, with my brainchild... One of our fully finctional Pyro AT4's



  13. The event was called Full Metal Jacket 4... A whole line of mostly failed events :P ... This time, from our perspective though, it was good enough to post some photos just to let ya know why.

    This was our team's base... there were many like it, but not nearly as good as ours.




    Used to be a dirt road, now it has bunkers in it, and is called checkpoint charley.



    No we didn't hire a construction company to do it... I'ts Mil-Sim after all.





    Don't ya just love that Desert Warfare Feeling...



    Over 20 Weapons for a Team of 10 stashed here somewhere.


    Next Post

  14. About the WE M9...

    I got to shoot it a couple of day's ago... Performed flawlessly, it is a gas guzzler though (lasts for 1+1/2 mag)... it does however shoot somewhere around 330-350 fps (100-106 meters a sec) depending on the temperature, so thats somewhat justified.

    Compared to a KJW, the WE has much better finishing both inside and out and the slide is not going to fall off just by swinging it around (which felt like was going to happen with the KJW the last time I got to shoot one... you could stick a toothpick between the slide and the grips/frame)

    I currently have no plans of getting any other grips for it... Nobody sells real gun parts here cheap and ordering them elsewhere never is.


    Feel free to ask any other questions.

  15. The elusive WE M9 Beretta... I'ts like big foot of the Jeti, everyone has heard of it but it's rarely seen... got mine on friday, from WGC












    Good casting, bad paint but it means nice "used looks" soon, heavy, grips have some sort of rubber/latex type paint on it... grips nicely, but will wear off soon. A perfect Full Metal Tokyo Marui replica.

    Stupid engrish "read meANAL before use." on the side... will take it to an engraver to fill and finish.

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