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  1. Jay L.Macrae

    IMG 1272

    From the album: Mp5

  2. Jay L.Macrae

    IMG 1271

    From the album: Mp5

  3. My Backup rifle with a M203 RIS... Wish I had a non RIS M203, but its nothing to be ashamed of so here are some pics: My primary went on a diet... Now running a 2000mAh 7.4 Lipo in the stock tube.
  4. Jay L.Macrae

    M4 CQB-R w M203 RIS

    My Back-Up Rifle
  5. Jay L.Macrae

    M4 CQB-R

    My custom Dboys M4 CQB-R with Optics Depot 553 Sight, A.C.M AN/PEQ-15 box and Hugsby M2 flashlight
  6. Jay L.Macrae

    IMG 1268

    From the album: M4 CQB-R

  7. Jay L.Macrae

    IMG 1265

    From the album: M4 CQB-R

  8. Jay L.Macrae

    IMG 1264

    From the album: M4 CQB-R

  9. Jay L.Macrae

    IMG 1263

    From the album: M4 CQB-R

  10. Jay L.Macrae

    IMG 1262

    From the album: M4 CQB-R

  11. Jay L.Macrae


    Some classical SAM-R style M16 photos Dboy's M16A4 with an old Sytema Mechabox, torque-up gears & M140 spring...Regular Dboy's motor btw. and going strong. Running a 9.6V NiMh, no Li-po yet. A.C.M Folding sight A.C.M Bipod Some Illuminated Optics And Hey Presto... a SAM-R of a sort of a DMR rifle. Needs a 20rd Pmag.
  12. My CQC kit with 1337 tactical pillow stuffing Vest is a DIY 6094 style carrier tranformed from a cheapo china MBAV...Turned out quite good. Emerson BJ FAST Helmet
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