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  1. Great review, I have just taken delivery of my Tippmann and the serial number is 1645. Which I am of course very happy about. I am very happy I discovered this gun, I was about to order an GHK AK gbbr. What makes me happy is the fps adjustment. Some cqb sites run a limit of 328fps, all the woodland sites around here are 350fps for full auto. Had a We gbbr L85 in the past was nice but had its issues. The fact HPA is being brought back into airsoft has made me happy. As I wanted a lot of the classic airsoft guns I either couldn't afford the price or didn't like the idea of no spares supply. I'v
  2. Nice all we need now is a proper feild report. To see how it performs in a Skirmish. How easy is it to adjust the hop up? Compared to Top M60 this is well priced.
  3. Hi heres some photos of my AKS74U Shot with X-3,C-60Z
  4. Yes i have to agree i am a fan of ww2 guns.I also have a marushin m1 8mm.And will be getting the m2 when it comes out.Also on my wish list is the new marushin m1911a1 8mm.I think it must be the combination of wood and metal.
  5. Here some photos of my newest gun which i got today.I'm well impressed with the fit and finish of this weapon.And boy does it shoot hard and is very accurate to boot aswell.I'm well chuffed
  6. Heres a photo or two of my marushin m500ssb slugster maxi 6mm.
  7. dave1

    Macs Picture Thread

    Heres my ksc m11 full metal upper and lower frame.Magnesium bolt,150% recoil spring,tighter barrel,Tanio koba sound moderator.Only thing left to get is a m11 sling and high flow valve.
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