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  1. Ohhh yeah... *turns head a little* I was confused.
  2. Hmmm... the foregrip on that top one is on backwards. Personal preference?
  3. Well, this isn't in a movie or tv show... but it seems to fit. In the game "Black" for the original xbox and ps2, the grenade launcher ammo was modeled after moscart shells. They weren't even modeled after the moscarts with the rounded tops, instead it was the flat cylindrical ones and you could see all the bb tubes. Awesome fail.
  4. Did that... but i noticed another problem... apparently i had turned the elevation adjuster thumbscrew too far, and a small locking piece had come off of the threaded rod. The adjuster knob was no longer able to actually turn the threaded rod that adjusted the elevation, instead it just rotated independently. In the end, I took out the two springs you were talking about, and replaced them with some pieces of tape that I layered until the reticle was lined up correctly (through trial and error). How obnoxious. But thanks for the help.
  5. How does one go about replacing the adjuster springs? I just purchased a Eotech 551 replica, and mine won't zero. The adjust knobs do move the reticle, but the range of adjustment just doesn't include the spot it needs to be (specifically the elevation knob). I found some threads that suggested placing electrical tape under the back of the sight, but I'd rather fix the sight rather than change the gun.
  6. My armory also happens to be my dirty clothes pile, my homework area, and my reading corner! Yay for clutter!
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