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  1. Superb advice! Thanks.... Those AKs look so freakin' awesome!
  2. Maybe - two of them said that they consider GHK to make bad stuff so they don't want to sell it as they need to offer a warranty and don't want to on GBBs they know will break easily. That makes sense I suppose. Although, I have read in reviews that GHK have really upped their game on their new GBBs. I guess like G&G did with their new stuff (AEGs) It's no biggie - I'm not on UKARA until mid December anyway so then I will order from HK and follow the advice given in the VCRA forum on how to ease the customs process along. Where there's a will! Thanks.
  3. Alas, neither Pro Airsoft Supplies, Land Warriors nor Firesupport are willing to help out on this one - guess I will have to risk having it sent from HK. Anyone think the risk is not worth it? I'm not worried about the HK retailer, just what happens when it hits customs in the UK. Thanks.
  4. OK guys thanks, they are well and truly crossed off my list forever now! I asked Pro Airsoft who said they couldn't get it (which is a bit weird as when I went in to see their showroom they pretty much told me they would try and get anything any customer wanted and essentially take the risk of ordetring from HK or dodgy Chinese companies - oh well) So I will try Land warriors and the other one you mentioned. Thanks everyone...
  5. To answer those asking what I'm after, it is the GHK AKMSU GBB - here is the ad on SAS: http://specialairsoftsupplies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=103&product_id=1034 Fire Support have an AEG version but I really want the GBB: http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/lct-akmsu-aeg-airsoft-gun It seems all of Asia and the US have this GBB badboy but no one in the UK, apart from SAS. Thanks. PS - here is some video porn of this gun:
  6. I did do a search for them by name in this forum and got not a single return hit - I tried! : )
  7. Howdy folks The only supplier in the UK who has the GBB rifle I'm after is Special Airsoft Supplies - however, the only thing I've heard about them is a guy saying they claim to have guns in stock which they don't, that they take your money and basically don't answer phone calls when you are chasing up the missing gun months later. Obviously, I don't like the sound of that! Has anyone bought from them and what was your experience? Thanks. http://specialairsoftsupplies.co.uk/index.php?route=common/home
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