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  1. ARG as soon as I posted the site went down for the whole afternoon.....and evening until now!
  2. No problems at all. Sounds like a problem at your end.
  3. My 10mins wall mounting skills....best I could do at 2 in the morning.....
  4. Give me mods powers and I will remove all unnecessary replies. Problem sorted....
  5. Don't forget that thewide angle lens is distroting that picture and making it seem even wider. One thing is that KSC glocks have no safety at all, the trigger is not supposed to flick up!!! I should know, I have 7 of them. Cheers, McM
  6. Damn you all! You are making me want one!
  7. That's what a real G92F looks like.....
  8. If you want to get a nice finish on the chamber use Brasso to smooth it down, then use an alloy wheel/aluminum polish/stainless steel polish, that way you can get it to mirror shinyness! Good start so far. McM
  9. Nice piccy I took in the afternoon sun. Crathie Kirk where the queen goes when she is at Balmoral. Cheers, McM
  10. The only GBB is made by KWA/KSC CYMA and TM make an electric version.
  11. Meh the only KWA slide that I have ever broken was a METAL one. They are actually weaker as they are cast metal and don't take kindly to shocks or tensile loads. IMHO the plastic slided G18c is better as it has a higher ROF. McM
  12. I would recommend you put the review in the Review Database, more people will see it and it will be more useful. Cheers, McM
  13. Errr this may just be Yahoo.com ones, as I have always found that the yahoo.co.uk ones are fine. AOL on the other hand......
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