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  1. Airsoft: The Documentary. http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=YsUDXE9b1JY Hey guys. This is a short Docu made for Year13 Media studies. Thought i would share it with you guys. The issues in the docu relate to the issues surrounding airsoft in NZ.
  2. KSC Make a G36c?? Link please.
  3. Its Quite a good review there mate. Enjoyed reading it.
  4. I see in your Sig, you got a G36. Is it the scoped version? Any chance of a pic of it on it? I just wanna see how it balances out. Good review btw.
  5. Good review. I look forward to buying one in the future.
  6. Well I received mine yesterday. I took it apart today. And to find that the gearbox was well over-greased. But other than that it is fine.
  7. I heard you can fit AK stick batteries in the foregrip is it true? Can you please find out for me
  8. Can you pelase post pictures of the gearbox please. Thanks
  9. Very nice review. Any chance of pics of the mechbox?
  10. yeah i got those out. But the bottom part not the base, where you fill the gas.
  11. Anyone know how to dissesemble the mag?? I can take off the mag bas but cant get into the inside of the mag.
  12. It was brand new, when i filled the mag. An o-ring problem??
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