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  1. Happy Birthday! Shalom.

  2. The one pictured is infact an airsoft galil. I have a real steel one as well. Oddly the airsoft version (including the magazines) is more rare than the real gun it's self.
  3. FTC Galil ARM Maruzen TEC9 Custom L85A1, Asahi internals with MMC body
  4. heres another one, I don't like it as much as the first picture but ah well. Damn, photobucket compressed the images and it loses it's color :-/

    USP Picture Thread

    Heres the real fullsize USP, dunno if this helps to compare the trigger guard or not

    USP Picture Thread

    It's hard to tell due to the magazine plate but it does kinda look like a compact like you mentioned, all the south afrikan mercenarys however are carrying what appear to be full size USP's (which the black kid picks up after they are shot) however it doesn't make sense that if Dicaprio was able to swap magazines from his compact with a fullsize USP, I didn't think they were interchangeable?

    USP Picture Thread

    It ain't airsoft but it is from the movie blood diamond, plenty of eye candy with all the USP's the South Afrikkans and Archer were carrying

    USP Picture Thread

    I'm duel citizenship, I keep my airsoft items in the US. Airsoft is not illegal in Israel however it is illegal to manufacture or possess airsoft guns in Israel. There are plenty of places in Tel Aviv and Ashdod that rent tokyo marui and classic army guns.

    USP Picture Thread

    Real USP, note it says Alabama however many of the older USP's do infact say Sterling, VA. Serial number blurred Airsoft USP Magazine comparison, Real USP on the right, Airsoft on the left Real USP Magazine in my hand, note the "Law Enforcement Only" these are preban magazines which are 12 rounds Airsoft USP Magazine Real USP magazine/Note that it says .45 USP, no H&K logo appears on the bottom Real USP handgrip Airsoft USP handgrip
  10. PILMAN

    USP Picture Thread

    Got my real USP today, I did a side by side comparison with my airsoft USP. They look pretty identical with some markings being different. The real USP is on the right in this photo, the airsoft version is on the left Real USP on top, airsoft on the bottom
  11. PILMAN

    USP Picture Thread

    I purchased a real steel USP, I get it thursday. I can take side by side pictures of the real thing next to my KSC version, small differences but they look pretty identical. In the meantime, ignore my finger on the trigger of my KSC version, old picture when it first came out :-P
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