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  1. hehe... enjoy my your new eotech Kilisky..... hope it serves you well. let me know if you need anything else.
  2. 553 uses CR-123 batterys like surefires and other hi-end flashlights... I know. I have one on the way.
  3. it is custom made of plastic card something tells me... as i have 6 real stell stick mags... they never fit in my ICS MP5....
  4. meh.. I was bored.... kinda funny tho
  5. paradigmsk8ter... true. very true. I have friends in BATFE and customs. any type of silencer that is not a solid is illegal. according to a friend : "unless it is there to make a live firearm barrel 16 inches to comply with law. we can take it any for testing. and if the level decreases by 1dB we declare it an illegal silencer.....Which is wrong considering most flash hiders will even differ noise some...."
  6. ALL firearm silencers are legal in 35 states in the US. you just have to file a class3 paper on them. 200 dollar transfer tax. I have a USP tactical in 45 with a AAC can, a Deliese carbine and a Gemtech QD can for my AR-15.... they are VERY much legal. anyway. hitman that is SWEET.. I love silencers on 1911s... pure sechs
  7. I have heard of deer caught in the head lights... but never geardo caught in the headlights.... LOL
  8. speaking of which... i just ordered the mosin nagant 1891/30 PU sniper model....a wopping 700 bucks shipped..... i am building the first REAL "THE END" mosin nagant... I CAN WAIT!!!!
  9. yea that is an M6 or M6x... has to be.. no the loaded indicator does not work on the USP/USPc line
  10. Krazy L

    KSC M9 HW

    mine from redwolf just had orange paint on it.
  11. yes it is KSC... it is my old USP so i know...
  12. Krazy L

    VFC M82A1

    I thought it was 500 FPS... ok that is 2.6-ish jules then... well that is scirmish legal then at all the fields around me
  13. Krazy L

    VFC M82A1

    well.. one sec and i will find out what the Joule rating is on it. edit: ok around 4.4 Joules.... ouch...hmmm i may could reduce that some...
  14. Krazy L

    VFC M82A1

    close to $2K IIRC.
  15. Krazy L

    VFC M82A1

    well... you are right about that... i was using that as a pun o indicate there is no way i could afford that thing.... trust me. there is no way i am selling my USPc (35% real steel parts on it), or my Milkor MGL, or my M1014/M3 thing....
  16. Krazy L

    VFC M82A1

    why??? i have always been a sniper... and i am used to real barretts.... so i mean is there some major flaw with these thing?
  17. Krazy L

    VFC M82A1

    anyone want to point me in the direction of a V2 in stock some where or used? I suddenly just decided to sell every gun i have to get one.... i need something this big....
  18. ok so i got my M3 shorty in yesterday... i love it. my favorite shotgun to date.... no pics of it until i get the new stock and grip on it though... HEHE I love this thing
  19. they do exsist. KAC or some company like that makes them IIRC.
  20. Jagdraben you look a little... how do i put this... flat... are you feeling all right?
  21. Krazy L

    Armalite Pictures

    no guys I know for a fact that is real. because on CA guns that have individual serial numbers. The SN is whiter do to the fact it gets changed with every gun.
  22. that isn't my old silencer on that SIG is it.. i forgot who i sold it to... Nice SIG by the way
  23. blimey lad... i am getting tired of all this rubbish.. what the bloody hell is a cummerbund...?
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