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  1. rainbow5ive

    Custom Gear

    It doesn't seem like it gets in the way of my mags, but the next version is going to be about an inch thinner. I went a little overboard with the sizing on this.
  2. rainbow5ive

    Custom Gear

    Had the day to myself today, so i decided to go forward with my admin pouch project. I found that the admin pouches the i've got (Emdom SAF panel, Eagle type admin) didn't do what i wanted them to do. There wasn't enough space to hold my wallet, mobile phone and a map (at the very least). I was looking into a Milspec Monkey Stealth Admin pouch, but it costs $30+ and no one seems to have the Multicam one in stock. So i poked around my bin of fabrics (the only thing i bought was the zipper) and came up with this. I'm calling this the beta, not even a version 1.0 because i'm already planning changes for the next one i do. Mostly dimensional changes. The admin is made of 500D Multicam urethane-backed Cordura. I like using 500D for pouches because 1000D is overkill, and i like the weight savings. It's also easier to sew. It's got an internal divided pocket on the inner-most side, with elastic on top of it for additional storage. The outer-most side has a single elastic strip to hold the folding map pouch that i whipped up. It's attached on the vest using Blackhawk Speedclips, which i actually like better than MALICE clips. I think the only things that i may need to add are some drain grommets on the bottom, and that's more or less it. The next version will be about 1 inch smaller on all sides. I like it so much that i'm going to make one for each of my rigs. Mounted on my Gunvest Crye Chassis replica
  3. rainbow5ive

    Glock Picture Thread

    Have you considered getting a SERPA for a Glock 20? I have a TM Glock 18C AEP, and it will NOT fit in a standard G17/18 SERPA, but the version for the G20 (slightly wider frame in real-steel) is PERFECT for the TM.
  4. rainbow5ive

    Custom Gear

    Very cool. Nice job, everything looks VERY tidy! I like the elastic retainers on the pistol mag pouches. I'm actually in the midst of modernizing a Chicom for a teammate. I'm swapping the toggles out for velcro, converting one of the grenade pouches to a radio pouch and the other to an M9 pouch. I will also change out the straps, like you have as well.
  5. rainbow5ive

    Custom Gear

    I actually got it sorted out, it was a matter of me taking time and re-stitching it. It doesn't look as clean as the pair of Crye combat pants that i have, but then again, these don't cost $200!
  6. rainbow5ive

    Custom Gear

    Gotcha. I sewed up one side of it yesterday, after making the pattern. I wanted to leave it removeable because my team runs like 3 different camos, and i find no need to buy multiple sets of kneepads. I'm having a little trouble with the contouring, the edges are puckering and looks a little sloppy. It fits fine and will hold up, but it's a bit sloppy looking.
  7. rainbow5ive

    Custom Gear

    Nice job on the kneepads. I assume you've made them so that they're still removeable, right? How'd you deal with the height problem with the knee to the kneepad, or did you measure them up on yourself? I'm asking because my teammates are asking me to do it, and i don't think it's necessary to re-create Crye's vertical adjustment feature on the kneepads.
  8. rainbow5ive

    Custom Gear

    Some custom gear that i've knocked out in the past few months. My current project is figuring out how to get Crye kneepads onto my BDU/DCU/ACU pants. MOLLE shirt/vest i made for a customer. The sleeves were removed and turned into a combat shirt; i didn't take pics of it before i delivered that project. Shotgun scabbard for my custom CA870 shorty shotgun. I needed one in Ranger Green AND short enough to fit my particular shotgun. I probably could've done without the double MOLLE webbing, but i wasn't sure if i would need the extra space to shift it around when mounting to my vest. Basic RAID mod, all buttons changed to velcro closures. Simple Kneepad pockets on DCU pants. They're pretty basic, V2 will have Cordura enhancements, but i may not even bother as i'm working on that Crye project. DCU Combat Shirt (w/ RAID mod). I modeled it after the Gen1 USMC FROG shirt. This is the first one i did (and was for myself), so i worked out the kinks since then. I'm currently working on a woodland one for myself, when i can find the time. If anybody needs anything, PM me Most of my work is custom tailoring type stuff, but i'm slowly moving towards making pouches as well.
  9. rainbow5ive

    Custom Gear

    My desert DPM came in from the UK today, so even though i went home early because of this nasty *albatross* cold i've got, i was still able to whip this up: A tactical apron! I took the idea from TacticalGrilling.com. The bottom 2 rows of MOLLE have a double spaced part so i can "holster" my tongs and spatula. Don't mind the awful picture. It's dark and the flash washes out the colours.
  10. rainbow5ive

    Custom Gear

    Does anyone know where i can get Desert DPM fabric (doesn't matter what type 500D, cotton etc) in the States? I can only turn up google searches for stuff in the UK. Yes, i've bought webbing and stuff from them. Super fast shipping. They're a great retailer.
  11. rainbow5ive

    Custom Gear

    does anyone have a link to a RAID mod tutorial?
  12. rainbow5ive

    Tactical Footwear Picture Thread

    Nike Special Field Boot. I've worn these to several ops now and i've decided that i absolutely love them. Super lightweight and they feel like sneakers even after 10 hours of stomping through the woods.
  13. rainbow5ive

    Glock Picture Thread

    GLock 19s (KSC/KWA) never had trademarked lowers, unfortunately. I'm not so sure i understand your other questions, can you clarify?
  14. rainbow5ive


  15. rainbow5ive

    Glock Picture Thread

    What part'd you get to put the lanyard on there?

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