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  1. Yeah. I don't feel like i was ripped off, but i do feel like i didn't totally get my moneys worth. Either way, they're comfy and light and fit me well. But given the chance to buy them again, i would pass. I may still end up picking up a pair of Oakleys...
  2. Actually...that's a really good idea. I think i can pick some up at the local craft store. Thanks for the tip!
  3. I picked the Nike SFB (Special Field Boot) up about a month ago because the standard issue desert boots were uncomfortable and destroyed my feet. Deciding between these or the Oakley Assault boots, i chose the Nikes because they were $50 cheaper and also, i'm a nike-head (20+ pairs in my collection!). From what i gather, the only place you can get them is from Nike.com http://store.nike.com/index.jsp?country=US...co=US&la=EN. They're not exactly cheap, but i'd read good things about them. According to Nike, they were designed with the help of the Nike Innovation Kitchen and military person
  4. This is my VFC SCAR-L, Ares/STAR EGLM and all the assorted accessories that go with it. When i use the VFC case as a transport case, i typically wrap the smaller accessories in foam to prevent them from rattling around. Otherwise, teh VFC case is pretty good considering it came with the gun. Ugh. I left the auto white balance on when i took this picture. Sucks.
  5. Point taken fellas! I typically wouldn't run them together. It was a sort of "i wonder if my suppressor would still fit on there" thing.
  6. Just got the EGLM off of a team member. Now the SCAR looks complete...i think the only thing i don't have for it is the SV barrel. I've been fiddling with it all day since i got it...it hasn't left my side. And it turns out that VFC thoughtfully left room in the hard-case that the SCAR came in for the EGLM! VFC SCAR-L STAR/ARES EGLM
  7. rainbow5ive


  8. trying to get to arnies main page, it gets redirected to airsoftcanada and then times out. ASR is screwed up too. I have a feeling its someone's idea of an April fool's joke.
  9. Honestly, i think it's more of a "cool guy gear" look to it. I think he clearly knows it's ineffective as camouflage in the jungle, but wears it because it's the "latest and greatest". Whether it really is or not is up for debate, but that's probably why the guy uses it. It's kinda like people who buy iPhones but also carry an iPod with them everywhere.
  10. What part'd you get to put the lanyard on there?
  11. Did your CIRAS come with the groin protector/codpiece? Or did you buy that separately?
  12. The latest issue of Shotgun News (with "21st Century ARs") on the cover has an article about a company in Canada that supplies weapons to movie companies. In their "Rubber Room" with supposedly rubber replica guns, you can clearly see a bunch of AEGs because of the motor panel on the bottom of the grips.
  13. What SPR kit are you looking at buying? I doubt it'd be an issue.
  14. rainbow5ive


    What do you mean "cliche" about it? It's a fantastic classic DMR! Nice work.
  15. rainbow5ive


    This is a DBoys SPR that got turned into a USMC Mk12 Mod 1. CA SR-15 RAS, Harris Ultralight Bipod, Simmons 4-12 x 40 scope, McNett Camo Wrap in MARPAT Desert. Running 355 with .2s. The only thing i have to add is a PEQ-2 box that should be arriving soon.
  16. Well done. i like what you did with the slant. Nice job on the dusting too..
  17. rainbow5ive

    Jacket, Field Pile

    M 1943 jacket for sale
  18. AWESOME. It looks like you just got your gear back from the Sandbox. Very nice set up.
  19. I agree. I need to see how Chownsy made that VSR...mine is looking...boring.
  20. YES. Whered u get the glock clip??
  21. Quiksilver, just so you know. you've just convinced me to buy a KSC M9 PTP. Dammit. *Edit. Wrote KWA instead of KSC. Now i have to go find a KSC M9!!
  22. Updated pictures on my P99 with the SD slide. It's all back together now thanks to wwjkc. I'm ordering a stainless recoil rod and figuring out what recoil spring i can put in there to give it a better snap.
  23. rainbow5ive

    Walther P99

    Walther P99
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