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  1. ^ No shame in that. My springer P99 is the very reason why i bought a Maruzen. Has anyone installed an SD slide?? I'm having trouble getting the slide+internals back on the frame. Specifically, the barrel unit and recoil spring unit are jamming up the whole thing when i try to re-assemble the 2 halves together.
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    Ai and Tactical Airsoft and Milsim
  4. Thanks WatZ! I'll look into it, as i hate having plastic slides on any of my guns. The WA Beretta M8045 excepted, because there never were any metal slides for it.
  5. Watz....that looks great...i love the Interams trades on there. Where'd you get the slide? Redwolf? And aside from the spring issue, was it a pain in the *albatross* to install?
  6. No. You're not allowed. Your stuff is too amazing and makes us all sad. As for my pitiful contribution (how can you follow a custom WA2000???); this is the latest movie prop series. I bought it without the light and i am contemplating which metal slide to get for it, any suggestions?
  7. The spare bedroom in our apartment is the Library/Armoury/Display room. On the other side of this room is 7 bookcases filled with my girlfriend's books.
  8. I think Davedawg was thinking about having a NiMH battery inside the buffer tube ONLY. I had a couple of designs to try and work it out, but any of the cells that would fit in there don't have a high enough discharge rate to run an AEG well enough.
  9. Tokyo Marui Colt M4A1: NYPD ESU Tactical Carbine Guarder New Generation Colt M4A1 metal body G&P M500 v. 1 foregrip modified to include LED navigation lights G&G "Flexible" LE stock. Guarder Aimpoint NB-13 + real-steel cantilever mount STAR 300M backup iron sight G&G single point sling plate + QR single point sling This was my first ever AEG and has been turned into this. I modelled it after the NYPD ESU(Emergency Services Unit aka SWAT) rifles. Originally the ESU carried MP5-A5s with Surefire foregrips, but upgraded to M4s shortly after 9/11 and Homela
  10. Has anyone seen the "high-speed" version yet? I have yet to see anyone have it for sale.
  11. If you didn't live in the UK, i'd steal that eotech from you!
  12. Yeah. You can. I've got a 9.6 mini in my stock. If you put it in carefully, you will get the whole range of movement at all 6 positions for the stock. I just wish that they used a smaller fuse and/or more flexible wires. It's a bit of a pain in the *albatross* to be honest with you.
  13. After you take it apart, there are 2 big springs attached to posts on the bottom, which i have pointed out using arrows. Pull these off (gently). Put the sight back together and enjoy having a zero'd replica. Now if only it would stop going through batteries like a drug addict on a binge...
  14. Doesn't your neck get tired from all that stuff on your helmet??
  15. Try hitting it from the other direction. Sometimes it's a one-way fit.
  16. Grim, i had a fake MC thigh holster that i noticed was "modular" in that all the straps could be removed without actually cutting anything. It was a series of velcro closures and whatnot. In any case, i took all the thigh-rigging off and got some velcro and some nylon webbing that i had laying around and sewed some half-assed MOLLE straps on the back. I sewed them on on an angle so that the holster would be canted when mounted to my FSBE. It isn't very stable and i'd only use it for display purposes and not for field use, as it bounces around a bit and the velcro isnt super-secure. If you'r
  17. replica Multicam Field shirt and pants replica FSBE in Multicam with custom rigged MOLLE holster shemagh (OD) replica PASGT with genuine Multicam cover Oakley O-Frame with MX lenses in Night Camo Western Arms Para-Ordnance P14 OD (PGC and Guarder upgrades) VFC SCAR-L CQC (Guarder Vertical Grip, ACM Eotech 551 replica, Surefire G2 W/GG&G strike bezel) I would've blurred my whole face out, but i wanted to show off my Special Forces beard that i grew.
  18. I imagine your sight is "too" high? What i did was i disassembled the whole thing. The key part is the bottom panel. Once you open that up, 2 springs will be vertically pushing up the board/wires loom. Take these 2 springs out. You'll notice that there is still some linear springiness, as there are more springs inside. Close everything back up and your reticle should now be adjustable.
  19. It looks like it's sitting in one of Saddam's palaces that the US troops have requisitioned for bases. Very cool.
  20. This is my collection as it stands today. It's a spare closet in the spare room which we have turned into a Library. My PC is right next to it, so you can actually almost see an Arnies page up. Tokyo Marui M4A1 Tokyo Marui MP5-A5 HFC USR-11 Vega Force Company SCAR-L Western Arms Para Ordnance P-14 KSC Glock 19 KSC USP Compact This is the whole closet with my "other" collection. This is my brand new baby. It's the US version, so no trades.
  21. That bipod makes it look like you're carrying 3 rifles on your back!
  22. I was a little afraid of what the US version (non-trademarked) SCAR would look...now i'm not worried. That is FANTASTIC looking.
  23. I feel your pain. I had them pre-ordered about 3 years ago, before Ghost Recon made it famous. The Sales Rep (Liz?) from Crye actually called my house to tell me they were in stock.
  24. try Mechanix.com. I was looking there yesterday, they have the originals in CT.
  25. I got the regular field set from ebaybanned and i have to say the quality compared to the real MC is really good. The only part i didn't like was the condura elbow and knee reinforcements looked a little more "peach" than dark earth. Any of those problems with your new sets? Also where'd u get them?
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