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  1. MK23 has the broadest width when comparing to the USP full size and the USP Compact. So it won't fit..
  2. I need a 20mm under mount base for MK23. Too bad it is no more in production. Anyone have a photo of MK23 with LAM or other flashlight laser attachments?
  3. ######. I just realized that it was a huge mistake. no real steel MK23 have painted trades......
  4. Shot in b/w here is a TM MK23 springer, the engraving is painted with correction pen.
  5. KSC USP Compact with M3 laser flashlight.
  6. So here is the 2011 picture thread. And here's my TM Hi-Capa 45.
  7. Sorry, wrong threads. Moving to 2011 now.
  8. Ha ha. Actually I copied the setup from this guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJEavni-IZo&feature=channel
  9. I know, .223 is just typical. I am trying to build another DMR but .308 version. Can anyone tell me if a A2 length Clubfoot stock exist for airsoft?
  10. Nice and compact. What is that thing under the EoTech called?
  11. Anyone knows if it comes with a removable butt and lower receiver as shown in this diagram? I have a feeling the butt is not removable.
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