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  1. A game of some of our men in germany. Before minute 2:30 there is just some cooking going on.
  2. -Cougar

    Einheit 45

  3. Some pictures from last weekend. Vzor 95, Vzor 90, Samopal Vzor 58, CSSR F-1
  4. Beware!!! Don't buy any CA! Even Dboys is far better. And if you got the money, then buy VFC! Hmm, how could i tell you how i build my VSS? The wooden Stock ...is handmade, with some normal tools. The body is made from metal sheet. Inside the body is a shortened AK74 plastic receiver with the HU-Unit and Gearbox. The frontset ist made from steel tube and fiberglas. Trigger and fire selector are also made from metal sheet. Top cover is a modified AK74 one...The fake bolt-carrier is also made from an Ak74 one..but modified with metal sheet. Return spring is an M85 from an AEG ..right ov
  5. Hi, nice to see some more AK-Fans These are my russian small arms, The VSS and RPK are home made. On the AKS and AKSU the wood is modified. Hope you like it. best regards -Cougar / einheit45.de
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