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  • Airsofter since
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    [b]TM G3 SG/1[/b]
    -MadBull XM203L on custom foregrip rail
    -Tasco 40mm red/green dot sight
    -bog stock internals (may soon change!)

    [b]KWA Glock 17[/b]
    -G&G titanium recoil spring and metal guide rod
    -Firefly Rocket Valve

    [b]UTG M87 SOS[/b]
    -MP5 front sight glued on
    -Surefire Nitrolon

    [b]TM MP5k PDW[/b]
    -CA lower
    -Guarder lucid chromium cylinder
    -ICS aluminum piston
    -Guarder bearing piston head
    -Guarder bearing spring guide
    -Systema flat gears w/ Systema shims)
    -Matrix M100 spring
    -Guarder metal bushings
    -MadBull M4 6.03 tightbore
    -Silicone rubber hop bucking
    -Nitro.vo top rail
    -King Arms 9mm HK silencer
    -G&P Aimpoint replica

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    United States

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    Central NY, USA
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    Gaming, computers, my wife, your mom...
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