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  1. You're quite right mate. Sounds weird, considering you do a lot of reviews.... I hadn't considered it a "review page", more of a niche sub section of Airsoft. Bit like the Sniper only pages, but with significantly less ego 😂
  2. I'm still lurking... Honestly couldn't tell you when I joined as it all reset when the forum crashed. I still remember the arguments as some had to change their usernames as they'd been snapped up by new members. Only FB page I really use for Airsoft related research is The Full 9. Everyone else seems to want me to like and subscribe to their in depth appreciation of a cardboard box, with about 30 seconds of vagueness regarding its actual contents.
  3. I have several friends who I'm convinced are married and planning kids - despite not wanting either, and just doing it to 'fit in'. Massive life altering decisions, to keep up with the Jones's. Befuddling, but hey, they're adults, and capable of their own decision making. I would never dream of vocalising my thoughts to them though... What would it accomplish other than upsetting and embarrassing people?
  4. I have one from a previous relationship. Neither myself or the wife want new ones.... Constantly having to justify that choice. It's a strange world we live in.
  5. Possibly not the place.... But you know you have brothers around you who you can talk to anytime, right? I'm always here if you need to get stuff off your chest bro. Although not a substitute for professional help, it's better than suffering alone mate.
  6. Haha! Yep... Or the toys thrown from prams after the great crash of '04 when everyone had to register again - and people had their screen names taken by others I remember when this forum was still fields....
  7. Ah, but who remembers DeeDee with his "Ballistics degree" and 1 Joule crusade? Plus the Equilibrium 92Fs he sold.... Not sure if anyone actually got one delivered though. Happy thoughts... Actually quite enjoying the Finance and Accounting side of my job - much to my surprise.
  8. Chap threw his hat at me at Sharkys game.... Took the hit and shook his hand. Was quite honestly hilarious.
  9. This is awesome news! Let me know when you're headed over, and I'll plan something special There's been a fair amount of work done to the place since you last played (though the track is still a bit of a 'mare).
  10. I was sad not to see you brother. It's been too long. But yes, much laughter was had. Though I felt absolutely terrible for a brief moment, when I thought I'd taken a tooth out of Tink, luckily he was fine.
  11. I'm really starting to regret missing the meal. It sounds like the fun continued When the first thing I saw on entering the Site, was Tink and yourself in kilts and hawaiian shirts - I knew it was going to be a good one!
  12. Could not agree more. Fantastic day. Made even better by getting to meet you all in person at last. I had such a laugh, I'm still grinning like an idiot .
  13. It's a fairly big organisation... I could make the same comment regarding Military Service due to a few examples within my experiences. Or about the Police, Governent, Teachers, Nurses... Etc etc... Happy thread... In an apparent bit of uncharcteristic 'sensible thinking', it's been agreed that my Security Escort on base can be my Missus. Makes life easier
  14. New bed! Might not seem a deal, but I've never had a new bed, and mattress before.
  15. If it was GoAGT, it looks like you have perfect timing mate...
  16. Seeing through the dude... Careful, it has a habit of going down like a cup of cold sick in my experience .
  17. I know exactly what you mean... I have vague memories of a visit to Amsterdam where I stepped onto that path for a few days, just not with coffee
  18. I will have to try that! Why Starbucks? Quick, consistent, and the hottie behind the till had a nice smile . I completely agree it's pretty extortionate... But then I find most things are these days (remember when this was all fields etc), and the Staff know me well enough to get my drink on the go as soon as I walk in - that alone saves me a hell of a lot of time, considering it's in Central London, and usually rammed with customers. I'm not a coffee snob though... I once found this cheap *albatross* instant stuff, that tasted just like the old Camp (I say old... You may still be able
  19. Yeah that's pretty toasty.... And I take it from that, a beer wasn't on the cards
  20. I've just asked the missus what a frappe is... She says it's like a coffee slushpuppy? Seriously?? That doesn't sound nice... Coffee should be hot! It's like iced tea... Tasted *suitcase* with milk and two sugars!
  21. Have you tried the Millicano stuff from Kenco? Considering it's instant, it's pretty good. Fortunate really, as Starbucks is temptingly close... And can end up costing me a fortune. Some days working a long shift in a Central London Hospital could end up with £30 dumped into their tills, which for a few coffees is a bit daft, but hey.
  22. 3 or 4 cups a day is bad?? That's pretty much pre elevenses for me!? I did try going decaff in the evening, but it just doesn't seem the same.
  23. Hah! I tend to view it as "cost to me" Vs "cost to the community of my murderous death rage"... Although when I think of the shooty toys I could have, as opposed to a full ash tray, it can get awkward....
  24. I know exactly what you mean amigo. Moderation is all well and good, but if you yourself aren't comfortable, then it's time to knock it off. And as Hitman says... Just think of your wallet, and all the airsoft tokens you'll save!
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