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  1. I saw this issue a couple of pages back, and it does indeed appear to be (very slightly) raised at the back. By about 1mm (so enough to tilt the feed lips out)


    Stripped the mag down and reseated the top section, but it refuses to sit flush. Tightening the screw further is risking stripping the threads... The metal used for the screw itself is very soft!


    Unfortunately unable to take a pic right now, but I think I've found the issue... Just not a way to fix it yet :P.


    On another note. Do these 20 round mags take 20, or 30 rounds?? The manual states 30, but I've read that trying to force more bbs in than you should, will almost certainly break it, so I'm loath to find out just by trying to load 30 in.


    Appreciate the help though... Ironically I went gas, as taking a gearbox apart just never goes well for me! :D

  2. Hi guys...


    I've taken the plunge and bought an OB XM177e2... Love it, great fun etc...


    Quick fix needed please, I'm aware it's a known issue (by searching on the various forums), but nowhere seems to explain the actual fix.


    I'm using the 20 round mags, and one of them doesn't want to sit properly. The magazine feed lips don't clear the feed ramp (correct term?), so the mag won't insert fully without a good smack (which seems to be the generally considered 'fix'). Whilst I'm not afraid to put a reasonable amount of force behind seating a mag, with the bolt locked back, I can see it's a good 1mm+ of overlap to overcome with brute force, and I'd rather not ruin the feed ramp, or excessively smash the mag lips (which are already showing wear from the couple of times I've given it a whack).


    There is no obvious difference between this one mag with an issue, and any of my others which seat fine - So there's nowhere obvious I need to file down. Can anyone suggest a fix, or is this just one of those things, and I have a defective magazine?


    Should I take a file to the front of the lips, or will that cause further issues?


    Any help very gratefully received :) Thanks in advance.

  3. AB if you could feed back to WE that users are interested in buying fixed handle A2 style receivers that would be appreciated.


    Alternatively a HK416, HK417 or CAR15 style after market kits should sell quite well.








    Especially considering the fps on GG, and possible issues on 134a - A semi only HK417, or SR25 would be ideal, and even that would only be allowed at a handful of sites in the UK.


    But hey, a GBB, semi only SR25 would still be worth it! :)


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