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  1. 3 or 4 cups a day is bad?? That's pretty much pre elevenses for me!? I did try going decaff in the evening, but it just doesn't seem the same.
  2. Hah! I tend to view it as "cost to me" Vs "cost to the community of my murderous death rage"... Although when I think of the shooty toys I could have, as opposed to a full ash tray, it can get awkward....
  3. I know exactly what you mean amigo. Moderation is all well and good, but if you yourself aren't comfortable, then it's time to knock it off. And as Hitman says... Just think of your wallet, and all the airsoft tokens you'll save!
  4. Rehab is for quitters! Good luck with it though mate. Not a decision I've found myself needing to make, but I acknowledge it's not an easy thing to just 'stop'.
  5. Should get a good lightening show tonight! Even if it is hoofing it down
  6. I'm always quite torn on this type of thing. Personally I think the police should investigate it fully and as they would any other crime. We can only guess at the state of mind of whoever wrote it, and to be honest, to try is a bit pointless... Simply because of the amount of potential options as it were. Any view we take is based on our own experiences - not theirs, so are pretty much irrelevant. Where I'm torn is on media coverage of it and such like. Sure, it raises awareness and is often a catalyst for debate... On the other hand, it has the tint of a freak show wearing a thin veil of
  7. Oh... Sorry... In my blind rage at this act of casting, I forgot to say.... Superman Vs Batman Have you seen the weather forecast dude?
  8. Slightly less serious.... Ben Affleck being cast as Batman.... What the *fruitcage* *fruitcage*? Fair enough, Bale was always going to be a tricky act to follow (not a big Bale fan, but he was awesome in the role), but Affleck?? He was as Daredevil, and will be worse as The Dark Knight. It has killed what was already a dubious film for me.
  9. Come off what? You wrote quite a strong attack on another user (whom I'll point out here, I don't know in anyway), accusing them of commenting without the full facts... Whilst not having any yourself! How do you know they're not absolutely right? That there, is both hypocritical and all things considered, somewhat obnoxious. Even if they're completely wrong, it doesn't really justify the tone you've taken. I happen to see Paranoids point of "self sent" as perfectly logical, and as good a point for discussion as any other. It happens. You getting your panties in a bunch about it,
  10. Then your initial post is as hypocritical as it was obnoxious. Have you considered a career in tabloid journalism?
  11. At the risk of kicking off a froth fest... Do YOU know the full facts? Are you directly involved in the investigation (although commenting if you are, is probably worse)? Whilst I appreciate your reaction, maybe you need to appreciate people have differing opinions, and are just as free to express them as you? This being a public forum on the internet an' all. Fothing like that tends to switch people off from what you're actually trying to say Just sayin' etc....
  12. I had ordered some of the 7.62 fastmags that are available at various China/HK websites. Unfortunately they never turned up, so I'm unable to comment on them I just use normal WAS pouches now, and ram an AK mag in. Not ideal, but the best option I have at the moment. Annoyingly it doesn't look like Warrior will be making AK Shingles in FG, as they've removed them from the website.
  13. WE XM177, chopped down a bit. Just whacked an NPAS, Angry Gun 6.03 and a Firefy soft in there, and she shoots great
  14. Smoke

    Custom Gear

    That would be great. Cheers! Cool novelty is perfectly good for me, I don't play in the dark much...
  15. Smoke

    Custom Gear

    I like that! I like that a lot! Where did you get those made mate?
  16. Ditto. Painfully bad service. I'll not be bothering with them again.
  17. I saw that one, and thought it was a steal Barrel is 2 piece. Splits down as you say. Npas - If memory serves, it's clockwise (looking at the boltface to lengthen the valve), and drop FPS. Stock hop rubber is ok, but not great (very hard). I've replaced mine with a Firefly Soft - Which I still find overhops a .3 on a minimum setting - but I've not put a lot of rounds through it yet. Gonna try .4, even if it makes my wallet cry .
  18. Pretty basic and lightweight rig (chicom), as I'm waiting for AK fastmags in ATACS FG for my FG RICAS... Trousers are Ops Tactical Ultimate DA Pants.
  19. I hear ya Everyone screws up now and again. Myself more often than most! Our team "procurement" dude has thrown his toys out of his pram with regards to LWA though, due to the amount of times he gets an email saying an item is out of stock. Usually after said item was supposed to be delivered. Still, like you said... They ain't short of business, and we're not short of retailers .
  20. *Waits for FB statement that LWA will no longer supply Hwagan*
  21. That was good timing.. I just watched the first one . Really enjoyed them (shame about the teflon Rebel). Epic medic was hilarious! Cheers.
  22. That is both awesome, and very brave! I congratulate you Sir! Brilliant.
  23. Meh... Half the BBC had ravaged me by then. I barely felt you
  24. Hahaha! I'd forgotten about that.... Or repressed it... One of the two. What the photo doesn't show, is that it was bloody freezing (about -5). So poor 'fodder was a bit chilly in that get up
  25. How new is yours mate? WE made the first batches a bit meh, but later ones are all good. A new WE one shouldn't fail on you.... Although 'shouldn't' never means 'won't'
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