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  1. Listening to AC DC, and not having a weaponised, flying suit of armour. One day.....
  2. I'm running an Angry Gun 6.03 with a Firefly soft in my XM177. At 340fps with a .20, I'm still over hopping a .30 slightly. It's straight and level out to about 50m, and then heads slowly up (hop is on about as minimum I can get whilst retaining the bb in the hop). Saying that, I've only put about 150 rounds through this hop, so I'm really hoping it beds in a bid. I don't mind using .40, but the players I'm shooting might .
  3. Ah, I'm with ya That's cool mate, I'm familiar with the PLB. I'm trying to find an FG chest rig in the UK. Failing that, I'll have to go with the Beez tactical rig. Thanks mate.
  4. Is that an FG chest rig on the table? Any info on it please? Cheers
  5. Pretty much... Much as I'd like to say "Meh, leave 'em to it", to do so would just create a much, much larger Afghanistan. SNAFU at the end of the day.
  6. Difficult to get details... Current reports are that they've basically flown over with a chopper, and the door gunner got a bit trigger happy. Seems he took more hostages out than terrorists, but given the nature and fluidity of the situation - Don't quote me on it. Just amazes me, than having been offered international (trained and professional) assistance - and declined.... They're steaming in on their own. No doubt they'll have their hands out for a few million $ to train a force up afterwards (and spend it on solid gold BMWs or somesuch).
  7. Currently ranting at the News, as Algerian Forces are about to seriously mess up this hostage situation and get everyone killed. Muppets
  8. In answer to my own "how many rounds does a 20 round mag hold" question, I've confirmed the answer as 20, despite what the WE manual says. Luckily I managed to find this out before running out of patience, and breaking something
  9. Haha! I thought it might need a 'love tap' with a rubber hammer to sort out! Cheers!
  10. I saw this issue a couple of pages back, and it does indeed appear to be (very slightly) raised at the back. By about 1mm (so enough to tilt the feed lips out) Stripped the mag down and reseated the top section, but it refuses to sit flush. Tightening the screw further is risking stripping the threads... The metal used for the screw itself is very soft! Unfortunately unable to take a pic right now, but I think I've found the issue... Just not a way to fix it yet . On another note. Do these 20 round mags take 20, or 30 rounds?? The manual states 30, but I've read that trying to forc
  11. A few of myself from an away game at Xsite (Lane End) last November... Please excuse 'Movember'
  12. Hi guys... I've taken the plunge and bought an OB XM177e2... Love it, great fun etc... Quick fix needed please, I'm aware it's a known issue (by searching on the various forums), but nowhere seems to explain the actual fix. I'm using the 20 round mags, and one of them doesn't want to sit properly. The magazine feed lips don't clear the feed ramp (correct term?), so the mag won't insert fully without a good smack (which seems to be the generally considered 'fix'). Whilst I'm not afraid to put a reasonable amount of force behind seating a mag, with the bolt locked back, I can see it'
  13. Cheers for that Now to see how many internal organs I'll have to sell, to obtain a Diemaco BUIS
  14. Cheers Lerch. I would buy issue, but it seems anyone selling them on Ebay are ripping people off with shipping costs . I'm happy to pay for quality kit, but I'm not paying more than the kit to get it over here . I know the C8 is a tad naked , that pic is from when she was right back from my engineer. Large grip, and EoTech/Elcan are on her now . I may just stick with the BDUs from Flecktarn... Like others in this thread, I'm tall and skinny, so sizing can be a pain - as only 'large' come in a 33" leg Just out of interest, are CF getting the Elcan SPECTRE issued as an updat
  15. Is anyone able to comment on the quality of BDUs from these people please? ECAM (ebay) Thanks. Oh and as it's a pic thread, my C8 erm... A2 I guess (or SFW). Cheers
  16. Smoke


    I hear you mate. I know for the 'look', I need a lot more junk attached to me Thing is, my local site doesn't run long games - I don't even need water, just mags really.... So I'm loath to bulk up and sacrifice speed and agility, just to look better Looking to get into longer, more indepth games. So I expect my rig to develop along with that. Cheers.
  17. Smoke


    Finally got my Diemaco SFW sorted Cheers.
  18. Smoke


    Fingertwister is quite correct. It's the Stalker cut from Baseline Supplies. Unfortunately they can't ship them over the pond (according to their website), I would imagine it has something to do with legal issues with Crye? But that's a pure guess. Either way, I can honestly say they are the best designed piece of kit I have ever seen. Although in all fairness, I have yet to drool over the Gen2 Crye stuff. Cheers.
  19. Smoke


    A couple from Sunday... Cheers.
  20. +1 Especially considering the fps on GG, and possible issues on 134a - A semi only HK417, or SR25 would be ideal, and even that would only be allowed at a handful of sites in the UK. But hey, a GBB, semi only SR25 would still be worth it!
  21. Thanks bro The folding stock is really handy for when crawling around, or seeing as it's airsoft with no recoil - those tight CQB moments. I don't know if there is a real steel equivalent, so I've designated it the RPK 104 .
  22. Ah, that looks remarkably similar to mine; CYMA Ak 104 SRC RPK front Built by Crash commander (I think he posts here occasionally), and also a beast - although not pushing anywhere near the same fps
  23. For the money, excellent. The hop adjuster is a tad loose, but nothing a bit of tinkering won't fix. You'll probably need to downgrade the spring though, as they can be a bit 'warm' out of the box. I have the plastic bodied full stock, and the full metal side folder (which has got an RPK front end on), and enthuse about them at every possible chance .
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