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  1. lets see proof of these 417s in service


    also, WHAT uk forces using a mav?


    some squaddie with one over his osprey does not count.


    36 pages of UKSF info on ASC, from serving troops. That's enough for me. But then you can't read that can you? ;)


    The TT MAV is 'apparently' a popular private purchase for troops at all levels, not just SF. Why would a squaddie with one over his Osprey not count then? I would have thought that was exactly the type of evidence you'd want?


    Back to topic by any chance or have you got more trolling to do?

  2. I know Multicam is in use, you even quoted me saying it was.


    Yeah, there are rumours and mutterings that HK416's and 417's are being trialled, but the best bet is to get a L119A1 as they're much more common and have been confirmed.


    Never ever heard of a MAV being used, you'd probably do better with the BHI Plate carrier or the issue Ops Vest or chest rig.


    Gee thanks :rolleyes:.


    The 'rumours and mutterings' about the 417 being trialled are somewhat out of date. The 417 has been in active use for quite a while now. The 416 is less common I agree, but until a 417 comes out....


    I'll take the word of serving UK forces on the MAV and other kit thanks ;) strangely enough, they seem to know what they're on about. I can only guess where you get your information. I assume it's from these pictures you go on about?


    Yes, there was a pic doing the rounds of a 'suspected' UKSF in full multicam, and RAV. But clothing (and all other kit) is mission specific. If the trooper needs to be greener, they'll put a green jacket on, don't you agree?

  3. Yeah, I'm sure the amount of photos I've posted of UKSF and advice is useless. That must be why so many people keep PMing and emailing me for advice. Right. Yeah. You've got me there, it's definitely all junk.




    Lose the multicam trousers, or go all multicam. Got photos on my site of UKSF wearing Multicam and RAV's.


    Lose the helmet and googles.


    Lose the rubbish on the M4, change it into a L119A1.


    Change the plate carrier.


    Multicam is in use by the SBS in 'Stan, as are MICH's.


    It's a HK416, also in use by UKSF, as are PEQ units and EoTechs.


    It's not a plate carrier, it's a TT MAV 1 piece, again, also used by UKSF. All this has been confirmed by serving troops in 'Stan and Iraq.


    Now do be so kind as to sod off, other people asking you for advice is really not my concern. Although I'd be interested to know if you have permission to host and publish all these pics you talk about like you own them? But not interested enough to care :rolleyes:.


  4. Got to love people like you. You post some incorrect information, and then immediately go on the defensive when it's pointed out, by verbally abusing someone. How very, very sad.


    Typical troll I'm afraid mate :rolleyes:. No doubt all the little troll mates will come along and fill the thread with useless junk soon enough <_<.


    Keeping on topic, only halfway into my UKSF loadout - not quite finished yet. Soon to come will be a DPM MICH cover, and possibly an Osprey kryloned to hell with OD....




    Hair is now high and tight, mainly due to this pic, lol.

  5. So the outerbarrel from the front sight onwards is removable?


    Excellent!! :D I thought I was going to have to buy a whole new outer barrel to mount a silencer flush with the front (as you can probably tell, my SG1 is still in the post :P).


    Oh, by the way, I've ordered the JG 'clone' which doesn't seem to have got much publicity, so I'll post pics up as soon as possible.


    Thanks for the info!

  6. cadpat would be excellent there smoke.


    Yeah, it's very green at the moment.


    Although I love the multicam, it's not perfect everywhere. I am tempted to get something a bit more 'green', for when the site I play at turns into a jungle :P


    Quite tempted by some tigerstripe, hmmmmm....


    To be honest though, it's not often I'm standing out in the open like that :D

  7. Smoke: thanks for the heads up on the MC hydration unit.

    I ended up going for TT as I hadnt seen your post until now.

    BigAl: yup- ya got a point ;)


    TT is quality stuff, you can't go wrong with it mate.


    I'm trying to decide on either a hydration unit, or just a back pack to dump in the dead zone.

  8. Anyone have any pictures with Crye multicam with Diamondback tactical pouches/armor carrier in coyote or Camel tan?




    I second that! I've been looking at the 'fast attack plate carrier', but the pic on Diamondback's site isn't very clear.


    No Mercy - You know they do it in Mulicam too, right?

  9. I got the second one down, its a good match to real MC if you got that.




    Its pretty large, has molle straps on it as well as shoulder straps. I think i cleared them out though, i order two and they have been out of stock since.


    :huh: Best part of a tenner cheaper.


    Nice find, hadn't caught that on there :)


    Seeing as it's a picture thread....



    The OD FSBE has been replaced with a TT MAV with bib in multicam with various TT pouches.


    I am finding it's getting a bit light for summer though. Anyone else finding they're not green enough?

  10. Personally I think the system works fine.


    If you are going to judge someone by their rep points during a sale, surely you'd take the time to read through them and see how they gained their reps?


    Unfortunately there are an increasing amount of people who can't write the english language correctly, which irritates the hell out of me. However I don't feel the need to either comment, or neg rep because of it. Maybe I should?


    For those who can't spell, there's a spell checker built in to the system. All it takes is an extra few seconds and some consideration. However I have to admit that the spell checker is not the best in the world.


    Until some kind soul develops a keyboard that produces an electric shock when someone is being a twat on a forum, the rep system is all we have. I find it very useful.


    Unfortunately for Big Boy, not only did he shoot himself in the foot this evening, he decided to empty an entire mag into it. But hey, that's life. Sometimes you're the bird, sometimes you're the statue.





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