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  1. Do you have the files for it? Want to sell them?
  2. I'm using a prommy wide bore barrel and prommy flat hop. My gun was majorly joule creeping with heavier ammo, but now my fps has dropped and I'm sending .36's and .4's out past 200'.
  3. That or they have realized that with both their AKM gbb and mp5 NGRS they have been sold out for extra mags since release. Or it's just like any other industry right now and having shortages. Either way it's a great thing for the siaga.
  4. They did do innovative things such as completely external wiring, redesign of trigger system to ensure that the micro switch will never break, geared recoil weight. The qd spring guide is pointless for the market as is an all metal tooth piston. Metal bushings at those power levels are also not required.
  5. https://www.evike.com/products/21884/ No idea on manufacturer but looks interesting. 1 or 3 shots, TM shotgun shells, c02, semi-auto. Price is right as well.
  6. Maple leaf has the "F" key for the new style hopup units.
  7. That has nothing to do with it, all of the games in the US are rule based. The difference is completely cultural.
  8. Very cool jmilr! Now I really want to try making one.
  9. Is the gearbox in the gun currently just a plastic version 6 box?
  10. Really begging anyone that could possibly get the measurements of a selector plate. I would but unfortunately threw mine out after I broke it assuming it was a standard part.
  11. Anyone have the ability to make a 3d file for the selector plate? Seems like a good idea since they are easily broken and there is no replacements available anywhere.
  12. So I lost my outer barrel locking ring somehow. The only place I could source one was the eagle6, but it seems out of stock since I've started looking. Anyone else have a place to source it? The only other options I've found is the pro-arms barrel that comes with it built into the barrel for $75 or potentially this one http://echigoya-guns.com/guns/index.php?route=product/product&path=61&product_id=353 ? Or anyone have a TM/ARMY one they would want to part with?
  13. KWA makes short mags for the mp9, I believe they are available still on airsoftgi.com
  14. Can the recoil shock m4's take the standard tm m4 wiring kits? Can't seem to find any wiring kits available specifically for the next gen series.
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