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  1. The sign says it all, located at the Scandinavian camp at Berget 6...I made it, after I saw it in Thailand..
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    BERGET 6, Biggest airsoft game on the planet!! Squad briefing before going on x54-virus mission, but we were to late ! Ze Germans ( Einheit 45 ) were there first, but the day was saved when our squad leader commanded us to attack the NATO-base.. 20 men vs 300 men and multiple squad cars equipped with saw's and m-60's..No need to say, we were crushed, but good fun though !!
  3. Yup..Tar derop en gang imellem..Har du været der ?
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    Pictures of me 2008-2010. From Denmark and Sweden -and some from BERGET 6..!!
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    From the album: PoKeRf@Ce

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    Six-Smokers 2000-2004 Denmark & Sweden
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