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  1. So that's why those Knights say 'Knee'.
  2. 100% of my time on Facebook is getting voucher codes and posting pictures of painted plastic figurines. Oh and links to videos of people doing stupid things. Lots of stupid things.
  3. Paramedic to a 78 year old who they've just informed they (the 78 year old) have broken thier hip:- 'You're going to have to get yourself up, we'll help, but we can't lift you as we have to look after our backs'. There is more to this story but right now I need to calm down. This was after waiting an hour for said paramedics, after we had broken a window to get to the dead bolt (front and back door have dead bolts, so keys were useless), to unlock the back door. I even helped carry the stretcher into the house as the paramedic struggled to get it up the front step. So, yeah.
  4. I noticed the price hike last year. It seems that other companies are raising their prices with inflation, while parcel force seems to up it at a higher percentage.
  5. Car needs new brake pads (wifes car, I went as I needed a quote for my dad's Citro├źn Picasso), mechanic recognises me as the bloke who stood up for his son (in a pub). Free brake pads. Sometimes it pays (in a round about way) to be decent. Also, got a refund on an eBay item that was damaged in transit. Seller was very understanding and thanked me for the pictures. I've got a feeling Friday might be different. . .
  6. Hate it when that happens. Normally it's jeans/pants with me, right waist size but wrong inside leg. Seems to happen more and more tbh.
  7. I'd be lying if I didn't say USP's always feel great. But the mag release on them always feels off to me. ###### me off as everything else about them is spot on (had a hk45, uspc and a usp nbb, all bloody great).
  8. The usual , is the jing Jong worth the money or is the asg better value (when on a budget). Then what upgrades to avoid (been done the route of upgrading when I really didn't need to). For perspective I just want a skirmish-able aeg Aug that's alright (not fantastic just alright). Sorry to say I don't have a 3d printer (though I keep looking at a few models and drooling).
  9. Fired just before Christmas, that is *fruitcage*ering low (it's low all year round, but during a season that is known for having a depressing effect on some, is pretty *suitcasey*). Broke a mag release on my glock 19. Well, it's just the spring so not all bad, but *fruitcage* annoying seeing as I just fixed the leak in the mag.
  10. It's an odd thing to say, but holding things in can be extremely damaging long term. But, and this is the crux of it, it can be really hard to say how we feel. It's not a weakness, though it can make us weak. I've had some of my best conversations online for different reasons. Same with going to an airsoft field for the first time and being able to strike up a conversation with complete strangers. I find this hobby (from personal experience) to be less 'serious' than some of my other hobbies. Hedge, if you're about Christmas day or boxing day and need to blow off some steam, feel fre
  11. Who ever said most thieves were intelligent? Now, the thieves who plan and wait, thier the *fruitcage*ers that are scary. Scum don't care, they do what ever they want. That's why when a few get caught red handed and get the van treatment, no-one sheds a tear. Always wirery little *fruitcage*ers too.
  12. It's not actually, there has been a few robberies were they only take valuables out of cars. Happened to my wife's car a few months ago (they stole her laptop and a charger). They are able to open the car up, rob what they can and then leave. All types of car makes (old and new). They thieves have a 'device' that ends out multiple signals to try and unlock a car. They just wait for lights to flash and that's thier que. Less hassle, maximum scumness.
  13. Don't mind a Christmas work party, as people always drift off into groups of people they get on with. Always had a laugh to be honest. Rare to have an open bar though and always left around 11 if it wasn't at a hotel in the middle of nowhere (or miles and miles from home). But, and it's a big but mind, people who I didn't get along with in work I always avoided when at the Christmas party. I can be quite good at disappearing if the need arrives. Gripe of the day: thinking you've got enough of 'x' material, then you start to build and find you don't. Doh. Also, people who force thier v
  14. Have you tried turning it off and then on again. . . *runs to the door and forgets hat*
  15. Or nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.
  16. So redwolf is a joke, and they get your orders wrong, yet you still order from them? On topic; is this becoming the norm now for ehobbyasia, that they get orders wrong and/or send out damaged goods?
  17. I had to give up my dream house for the one I live in now. The one I wanted had a huge basement, as in a one bedroom flat huge. It had four bedrooms that were all large (two in the loft as it was an old victoriana style house) and two bathrooms, plus a downstairs toilet with a walking shower. It needed working doing to it (all cosmetic and nothing major). The problem was it was in a slightly odd area (right next to an industrial estate), the nearest school was ages away and no shops within 15 minute walking distance. It was brilliant though. But, the garden did need major work doing to it
  18. Hey kid, welcome to the war (re: house hunting). *sounds better if you say it like Danny Glover would*
  19. I do hate trousers that have a hip cut. They were once called 'hipsters' but now that is used to describe a person which is *insert what ever you think a hipster is*.
  20. Just noticed, we are on the number of the beast page. Its number is six hundred and sixty six. Edit:- damn it, I was on the beast page. Fiddle sticks and cashiers ticks.
  21. When you are sick and so is your six year old daughter. Yeap, that was my Saturday. Better now (both of us, thank the maker that no-one else is showing symptoms).
  22. Been enjoying The Punisher on Netflix. Only three episodes in but I like the pace they've set. Definitely owing some of the attitude to the max comics (Mark Millar) series.
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