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  1. Happened to my dad when he bought a car from auction. The money was taken out, it was authorised but for some reason was floating around the ether, having the time of its life, for two days.
  2. What does 'pregnant rollerskate' mean? A fat rollerskate, which means hard to handle or something else. . . So strong and stable means back tracking on agreed savings that are for the benefit of the country. Yeah, that's very stable and also very strong *fruitcage*wits.
  3. Hate (or love) to be that guy, but every girl I've gone out with, who had a corsa, was a very pleasant and flamboyant individual. By flamboyant, I of course mean sexual predator.
  4. Aye, between the talk of 'deport all Muslims' and also 'bring back hanging' am pretty much fed up with people using tragedy to peddle their own agendas. How about you think about the poor bastards who died and have a bit of tact towards letting them grieve. Still can't believe some people have been posting pictures of people that weren't even at the concert. One was of a 14 year old who had been murdered years ago. The poor mother (of said murdered 14 year old) had to answer her phone to loads of concerned family members and press. But it's okay, someone wanted to 'trend' on Twitter.
  5. When you're asked to do something that doesn't benefit you, what so ever, but does benefit the person doing the asking, and you say no, they then get personal. Yeah, that's when alarm bells start going off. Soap Box 101. Also, being attacked by ants equals no sympathy. Not killer ants but the buggers did bite me (at least twenty tbh). Twenty tough mean and aggressive ants. Macho ants.
  6. The flash hider should be spring loaded (on the WE model it is), see in this YouTube clip below and skip to 2.30 you'll see its spring loaded and easy to get the hider off. https://youtu.be/6AS74O2DP1U
  7. Yeah, your supervisor sounds like someone who would make a great punch bag. Failing that a human collector. Open wide, here comes the golden flow.
  8. Oh yeah. Gained a tenner so I'm a happy camper. Been really lucky with the items I've been selling recently. Beginning to think maybe I'm pushing my luck. . . Might try to sell *suitcase* in a bag, see what I get for it.
  9. Put something up on ebay and it sold within fifteen minutes. Sweet.
  10. Ask for an indemnity claim and say it's for fraud, also let them know you'll be speaking with a solicitor.
  11. I am almost afraid to ask but, have you seen the mouse or is the smell familiar to you (that's why you know it's a dead mouse and not a dead bird or something else). . .?
  12. Extension cords keep me sane (anyone who has used a flymo lawn mower or trimmer knows you always need an extension cord. Unless your garden isn't very long or wide. Not saying it is wrong to have a small garden, or even a garden without grass is wrong, but that the cable on a lawn mower is normally not very long and is annoying. Hence the extension cord comes in very handy). Yeah, I've cut a lot of lawns and trimmed a lot of bushes.
  13. But social services will give a child to any surviving family member, even if the home wouldn't pass the adoption checks. They actively try to give a child to a family member if the birth mother is deemed unfit.
  14. Someone has just told me what happens in guardians of the galaxy volume 2. No one in here, someone from outside the matrix. They thought I said I'd seen it. Ah *suitcase*.
  15. I was tempted to make a joke about spoilers but then realised my joke might be true. Best leave it in my box. The box won't shut up.
  16. Happy thread, happy things. In a positive ebay story. Put an offer in on a warhammer 40k space wolves land raider, and won. But now I have to buy some more space wolves to accompany it. Bleeding hell, first world problems. Enough to make you sick.
  17. Well, seeing as you brought this up. You don't know the whole story, which makes me think have you done something similar (seeing as you've assumed, I might as well). If you say nothing after repeated messages asking for when it will be posted (I think waiting five working days on an item listed as being posted within 2 working days is fair game) it's fine to open a dispute. Also, I was refunded as soon as I put the dispute in. This has happened once before and the seller was dodgy as hell and subsequently left ebay. So yes, it was really cool what I did. I gave the person five working days
  18. When you bid on two items on ebay thinking you might win one but definitely not both (especially with one bid on both). Then you win both, but one of the items still hasn't been posted after five days, you open a PayPal dispute and win it. Result.
  19. Kids can and are great. Most of the time it's *suitcase* parents bringing up their children in *suitcase* way. Or the child has experienced something horrific, that affects them in a strong way. Having had a varied amount of friends and learning their experiences, there are people out there that should be hung, drawn and quartered. I hope no-one should ever feel embarrassment or shame expressing a past incident. You'd be surprised (and sickened) by how many victims are made to feel they are at fault. Hang on, I'll get off my soap box now.
  20. Never got that way of thinking:- you have to be in a relationship. You have to own a house. You should have children. Etc Don't hear people say things like 'hey, what ever makes you happy do that' (if you can or if it's legal). True story:- Bump into an old school mate and we start talking about school. Ends well and there's no unpleasant moments. Nice. Bump into another old school friend and they're freaked out that I still bought star wars toys and hadn't settled down yet (this was back in 2006). Judging people by relationship statistics or if you have children, or a house,
  21. Isn't that Eli Roth's next movie? BAN-PAGE. *Opens door, grabs coat, walks into the rain with the incredible hulk music playing in the back ground. . .*
  22. Release the ban hammer. . . (I wanted to put that in capital letters, but fear of the BAN Hammer stopped me from doing so). Ah *suitcase*.
  23. Picture number three that scorch has posted, it's got me singing the bond theme in my head. Over, and over, and over again. Got another Pulse Rifle on the way. Looks like I'll have to try and make it screen accurate (paint wise, not the rear). Oh well, shame (rubs hands and laughs like a maniac that's discovered cold fusion at a cheap cost).
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