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    Eagle tac-vest, Surefires, Pro-tec helmet, Nomex Flight gloves, Hi-Tec assault boots, JT Paintball mask
    Glock 17 blowback (TM), MP-5 SD (TM), Den-Trinity custom SD-16 (TM) =Silenced SR-16
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    Are u gonna bark all day little doggy,or are u gonna bite?

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    Airsoft-airsoft-airsoft and......AIRSOFT!!!
  1. Six-Smokers-dk

    Six-smokers-dk part 2

    pics from Denmark & Sweden 2000-2005
  2. Six-Smokers-dk


    team pictures ( Denmark & Sweden 2000-2004)
  3. HI...where is that picture from?..wich country??..and check our pictures..
  4. It sure is!!!....CombatZone in Sweden!!..check www.Combatzone.se
  5. Yup. its british...but we dont use it anymore!!
  6. hehe..yup..thats true --> pictures from OP:Frost4 in Sweden..420 people attended this week-end scenario..great game..we were the only Danish airsoft players to attend this superb game..
  7. The pictures are in-game pictues...and they were on our team..hehe ..yup flaming dragunow..but it shoots around 550 fps..so you would be happy if u can spot the gun before the sniper..
  8. Six-Smokers-dk


    He-he..u wish..but no,its full of a non-narcotic powder..(backing flower,detergent)..i dont remember,but it was a prop to a scenario in Sweden we attended..it exploded in the face of some guy..looked REAL good..sry,no pictures of that
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