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  1. How mutch shorter are the Detonics compared to the V10?
  2. My old rigs! Have to make an new one soon!
  3. That is a good idea! Had the CTR stock from a previus gun so thats why i took it.
  4. This one! https://haleystrategic.com/shop/hard-goods/illumination-tools/thorntail2-picatinny-offset-light-mount
  5. Got some new stuff for my gear! looks awesome! Like to open things like this when they go the extra mile to impress. Thanks to IC13 for this nice piece of kit!
  6. Crappy cheap pistol that got a licence and turned to gold?
  7. This place is the future i can promise you guys! Facebook is closing moore and moore sites with guns and it will go on til all is gone. And how fun is an facebook site without pictures?
  8. Where can i find that switch for the light and laser?
  9. https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/1320/s/tokyo-marui-g17-front-sight-night-version-for-g17-gbb-series/ Can i fit this to an Tokyo Marui G26 without mods?
  10. Did buy an frame from Rainbow8 but after an accident with the dremel it died! Was a little to optemistic when making the groove for the finger under the guard.
  11. Been here since 2005 and is till here! facebook is dying! Closing all groups that contains guns in any form.
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