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  1. Sao

    What's your backup?

    One of many pistols, depends what i feel like at the time
  2. Sao

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Romans Bleedin romans, Why can they not make a decent as installed record? Now I'm having to re-route a pipe layout because the Romans could'nt record the correct location of the Antonine wall
  3. Sao

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Garages... Sure sir we can collect and deliver your company vehicle for it's MOT... On a Friday I finish at 4pm.... they can drop the Van back at 6pm, so Now here i sit in an empty office, on a glorious sunny afternoon wiaitng for some grease monkey to get me my van back. And as for the lease company, thats right they book the Van into, no not the town I work or live in, they book it somewhere 20 miles away. Imbeciles
  4. Sao

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    It's a shame that when you do complete all the turfs in SA then thats the end of the gang warfare, no one tries to claim any back, Kinda made it a bit pointless in my mind. I didnt find SA easier to complete there is a lot more boring stuff to do to get 100%. VC I really enjoyed getting 100% completion. And the A.I of your compatriots is too good in SA. I liked shouting at the tv screen in VC..... "Get in the car Lance", "Lance get in the *fruitcaging* car" "For *fruitcages* sake lance get in the *fruitcaging* car now or the cubans will get you" " Right thats it you dumb *albatross* reject from Miami vice I'll kill you myself!" Anyone remember that level? Did anyone see the Swiss Toni Episode where he ends up playing GTA VC? Whoever wrote that part of the script had obvioulsy played GTA VC As for the latest GTA on the PS2 Liberty City Stories.... Biggest con EVAR. It's great on the PSP but no way am I paying full whack for a cut down verison of GTA3 with a less fullfilling storyline.
  5. Sao

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    GTA Rant on Thats very true, as much as i love the GTA series of games GTA SA is a bit of a let down comapred to the story lines of the others. It is based around a hip hop sort of thing, maybe because we don't like hip hoppity we wont be quite as into the story as the other games. I'll tell you what else annoys me about GTA and thats not having the ability to go and replay the missions, I'd love to be able to go back and do some of them again with all the weapons and ammo you get after 100% completion. And why do they have pointless islands? Like the third island on gta3, whats the point in it, nothing to do there, no reasons to go back, same in VC and also more so in SA. Sa just seemed to end to early, I was expecting more missions on the other islands. And I'm sure more could have been made of the garage story on the second island. /GTA Rant off

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