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  1. Do you go with Rolling Thunder or just on your own? J
  2. Should be down again this year with the 1st Cavalry guys, (I believe I was right next to you guys last year Kyrian) absolutely love W&P, can't wait to get back into the dugouts. J
  3. Elias


  4. Considering its Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria: "Im sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am"
  5. That could be made by using the M14 E2 conversion kit and a few minor cosmetic bolt-ons.
  6. JAC made one, its a classic airsoft style, with a gas tank etc.
  7. Pretty nice stuff, dont mean to ###### on your parade, but the helmet covers a later version and didnt really appear in vietnam. Go for the Mitchell pattern (Frog and leaf)
  8. Cheers, most of it came from www.sofmilitary.co.uk and www.fngsupplies.co.uk, due to the rarity of a few items i had to buy repros, ie the canteen covers and boots. Also bought a repro 3rd pattern jungle suit as i wanted a new set rather than used ones. That lot didnt come cheap, but its cheaper than a modern US loadout.
  9. Taken a few weeks to source it all: M56 webbing (Ammo pouches, FFd pouch, Butt pack, 2 canteens + covers, E-Tool) M69 Flack Vest 2 Bandoliers Bandanna Field Cap M1 Helmet (No cover atm) 3rd Pattern fatigues (1st Air Cav) Fatigue Shirt Panama sole 3rd patt boots Poncho 100 rnds 7.62 ammo Field Towel
  10. Nice car, shame that TVR's owned by a ruskie now...
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