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  1. Been awhile Arnie folks, My take on the issues is one. Lube. Apparently the gun comes out of the box dry and also not worn in as well. The BCG nozzle not retracting is fault of either two things. Lack of lube (not silicone spray) on the nozzle and the inner walls of the upper reciever. This will fix two things: the bolt jamming BBs and wear. Now as precaution I do oil the side of magazine lips with lube but this seems to help MAYBE to also avoid the left side of the magazine lip to be scrapped off. The bolt catch issue is either two things. The magazine was not fully gassed. OR t
  2. Just a question, would the Vltor A1 Clubfoot stock fit? I haven't bought one of the stocks to try out since I can't find one locally at the moment. Laylax has one version with the battery compartment too for normal AEG, but I am not sure on the compatibility with the Sopmod style crane stocks with the battery or even with the real A1 clubfoot stock.
  3. Yes, I have looped a paracord over the triggers behind the recivers with a small loop to fire both at once.
  4. I'll just..show you what I done and I will walk away...Jya ne!
  5. Thanks for the image uscmCORPS! I know the STRAC works with PTW, SOPMOD, and some full size AEG magazines and GBB magazines. I thought the Mapgul pts magazines were just about the same length as a real one was.
  6. The STRACT TECH Fast Mag do need to be RS size almost, but what I was more concerned was if the width was too wide. uscmCORPS, can you by any chance take pictures of the EMAG with normal metal/plastic M4 Stanag magazines of different brands?
  7. Disajim, What brand of parts did you replace the problematic parts with? Then again, were you using an upgraded Tavor with Lipoly battery?
  8. Posted this over at Sc-Fi gear, but it was originally supposed to be a CAT loadout that turned into something from an anime or game.
  9. I am hoping for more aftermarket support parts for this AEG. This gun is quite popular that it should have more internal support parts, but in the meantime I will wait.
  10. I've been shooting atleast 4000 rounds so far as I bought the gun back in November, and the motor is holding up with my 9.6v. I use mostly 120 round midcaps @ about 32 -/+1 mags. I believe the selector issue is working okay for me as I'm using a 9.6v, however the Semi-auto selection must be in the correct lineup or else it might be the reason the gun will lock up.
  11. No problems with my Tavor yet. Still going strong!
  12. You and Ryan were always TMP prepared you know. I was always trying to get into the TMP wagon, but the excessive maintenance put me off on buying one. I will have to still buy the KWA Taiwan version because of Trademarks and the 400FPS power. Hoping for more things from KWA later. Its ironic that Allizard said in his video they have to lower the power for US, however you do have guns like the KWA KM4/KG36 series shooting at 400FPS. It isn't any different if the gun was made into smaller compact weapon or a longer weapon. In CQB, most players will prefer to play with 350+FPS guns.
  13. Connery, I am expecting the Taiwan version to have more power than the USA versions. Just like how the MP7A1 US version shoots lower FPS than the Taiwan version. I am hoping to get those Taiwan makes!
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