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    FF Product Design & Development

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    1995 in Japan.
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    TM-M4 Series, AUG, P90, FAMAS, G3 Series, MP5 Series, MAC10, MP7A1, Vz.61, AK Series+74MN, M14 Series, UZI, VSR10 series, M3 Series, Tac. Launcher, DE .50 Series, M9 Chrome, SIG 552, SIG P226 B/Chr, 1911 Colt GBB, G26, G17, MK23, Type89F/S, AEP USP, HICAPA.
    MS-Ananconda, Constrictor, Raging Bull, Talon, Unlimited, M1, Kar98K, COP357L, BLACK HAWK, M500
    MZ-PPK, P99NB, P99BB, Vz.61, MP5K, 870
    KWA/KSC-G19, G17, G34, MAC11,SIG_226Sys7, USP.45 Sys7, M93RSys7,
    Too much to list here...shoganai na...must make a website already...
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    United States

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    Fukuoka, Tokyo, Nagano, Honolulu, Hawaii
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    Airsoft and model gun collection. Military fan, Jietai fan, aviation, AOPA, Gun instructor, Gunpla, mechanical/industrial artist, kendo, shinkendo, yagyuu, Budo, samurai, piano, shamisen, watches, design, luxury, automobiles, transportation, traveling, anime, beer, movies, and working everywhere airsoft and non-airsoft related.

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