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  1. bladerunner

    Were There Ever Arnies Patches?

    received this morning thanks arnie
  2. bladerunner

    Were There Ever Arnies Patches?

  3. bladerunner

    Were There Ever Arnies Patches?

    I'll take 1
  4. bladerunner

    Artistic Airsoft

  5. bladerunner

    Glock Picture Thread

    The pin was loose in the body but not by a massive amount just that i could push it with my finger, but as soon as it got to the chassis i had to tap it in. thanks Got Wood? will get them bought.
  6. bladerunner

    Glock Picture Thread

    Have you put the pin in the chassis to see if it sticks? If it does I wouldnt worry. Youve got the screw and the trigger lever and there are plastic guides as well as the pin. Thinking about it in not really sure what the pin does. But like I said before mine was dropping through the frame but is rock solid now I've just tried to move the rear chassis and its not going anywhere.
  7. bladerunner

    Glock Picture Thread

    CZfan did say his was a parts bin build I wonder if its a chassis issue rather than the frame. Got Wood? and K.A did you use the stock marui chassis?
  8. bladerunner

    Glock Picture Thread

    it seemed a bit loose in the grip but tightened up in the rear chassis to the point I had to tap it in. I have just tried to push it out with the tip of a screwdriver and its solid. My rear pin is a bit different my pistol started life as a g17 custom and I removed the rear thumb rest and hack sawed down the pin but it should be the same width.
  9. bladerunner

    Glock Picture Thread

    no problem, thanks again. I agree with you there something about no rail and straight grips. For anybody who's thinking of ordering from rainbow8 I ordered late on the 28th, shipped on the 29th received today (3rd) and that was with the cheapest postage and a weekend.
  10. bladerunner

    Glock Picture Thread

    Marui/ Guarder Gen 2 G17 build. Everything is stock marui apart from hop and barrel, Thinking of getting a G22 slide get my Tommy Lee Jones on Got Wood did you manage to check the base plates? (the one in the pic is a marui part at 4x the price)
  11. bladerunner

    Glock Picture Thread

    Im not going full realism. Just marui flat base plates are £8 each and WE are £2. Trying to replace my +2s with flats.
  12. bladerunner

    Glock Picture Thread

    does anyone know if the flat we base plates fit the marui mags? trying to start my gen 2 glock 17 build.
  13. bladerunner

    M14 Picture Thread

    On the marui there is a small allen key bolt either in the top or bottom that meshes with the castle nut. Its at an angle should see it from the front.
  14. bladerunner

    Tokyo Marui Glock 34

    For anyone that has one is the there a step in the outer barrel or can you fit a longer inner barrel?
  15. bladerunner

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Im about the same size and am using a RAV and backplate. (Warrior 901) best of both plate and chest rig and hugely adjustable.

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