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  1. Skirmished today, but not a lot of use unfortunately, but a few things noted. Hop up is largely ineffenctive, most probably the small ball bearing is not seated properly. Once properly stripped down ill try it again. Fired off a full mag rapid fire - blowback was as good on the last shot as the first, no cool down whatsoever, and locked back on the last. So at least a full mag of BBs per fill, over the next couple of days ill see how many more i can get out.
  2. Pistol Hmm...nice! Out of the box, its got a nice heft, unsure of the actual weight, but its a smidge heavier than the WA, so id hazard a guess of around 1.1kg. Slide and frame are metal, as is the outer barrel, which is a bonus - the KSC being plastic. Paint is prettu uniform, although it isnt very hard wearing, and there were a couple of dinks/chips present. Grips are lovely - there slightly rubberised and feel fantastic, and have the proper Beretta logo. The gun has US M9 trades - they are slightly soft, but are a very nice addition. Pulling the trigger, there is a tint bit
  3. China made KSC M9 System 7 copy Introduction First of all, this is my first ever proper review, so be gentle! Ill try and cover everything i can think of, but any questions, tips, suggestions fire away! Anyway, after selling my Army MEU (i still cant stop myself buying 1911's, even though i dont get on with them) i needed a new backup. My usual choice, a KSC Glock 19, is still going strong, so i was looking for something to swop over with if that goes down. However,the pluckly little Glock is so reliable, it kind of spoils you into wanting 100% out of a GBB. Never the
  4. Nice Mart, I was looking for a grey/black one but this one came up at the right price, so...!
  5. Yup, Celica - ST185 GT4 to be pedantic! Orion, you have them your side too - there called AllTrac's.
  6. The balance is good, its slightly front heavy but thats to be expected. Im glad I stuck to the 6 1/2 inch barrel though. And the heavyweight material is one of the best ive seen. Honestly looks and feels like metal - its cold to the touch. Accuracy was fine too, its no WA but the groupings were on par with my Desert Eagle. Absolutely love it, only downside is the double action as others have said, but I can reach the hammer quite comfortably without moving my grip. Wow im babbling!
  7. Came today! Feel much more manly already. Never thought I'd hold two pistols and the Desert Eagle would be the smaller!
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