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  1. Phew, now im not even remotely annoyed that i bought a RS URX III just 2 days before dytac started to ship.
  2. Excellent review, thanks for this. As a PTW owner i'm very glad something like this came out. Cheap option for a back up gun/lower or maybe a semi-only DMR lower if the gearbox and motor can handle M140-150 springs.
  3. oRb: Loving the effort that went to that gun.
  4. The mount they used in BHD is the low pro style ring mount made by aimpoint and was supplied with Comp M's and early M2's. Guarder replicated it with their first aimpoint repros: http://www.wgcshop.com/WGC_Shop/images/gd_rd_nb13.jpg
  5. Noveske: Sweeeet That KAC battery cover is nice a touch.
  6. Mirska


    Guns taken with crude photography skills.
  7. I also got the version with "U MAD"
  8. Thanks guys. CKinnerley yeah 14.5 midlength crusader tech barrel with their repro SF MBK556. TBH i already had this planned with the rest. Going with a MVG and SF scout 300c on the illumination kit kind of copying what Steve and Chris were running in a MD class in october 2010. Pic thread:
  9. Still needing few bits and pieces for this.
  10. AR57 Is a upper receiver that fits on to a standard AR lower. KAC PDW does not have interchangeable parts.
  11. Damn you Noveske Im in the process of getting a URX III for my PTW and now seeing that makes the wait unbearable. Going to do similar setup of what Costa was running at a carbine class in april.
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