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  1. jaeger0416

    IMG 5319

    Looks solid to me, dude. I'd leave it that way.
  2. To enhance King Arms Hi-Cap PMAG fitment, all you need to do is file <1mm off of the top horizontal edge of the mag-catch hole on the mag body. An exacto knife/hobby knife should be able to do it; I used a Dremel with a sanding tool, which was probably overkill.
  3. Sorry if this has been asked already, but any ETA on the shorter barrel sets and the RIS? I would think that the shorter barrels would be out relatively soon.
  4. First Skirmish Report: VFC 416 mags did not feed as well as I'd hoped. Stuck to my 360rd King Arms Hi-Cap PMAGS and had decent results, but they struggled to feed at times; I don't think you get as much per wind with these as you would with other hicaps. Aside from that, had good results with my friend's 330round JG normal-pattern STANAG hicaps.
  5. All I really care to add to mine is this, which I wish they'd have made a factory feature...
  6. Jing Gong ~300 Round USGI-Style Metal Hicap (with winder hole, and winder wheel) Fits a bit sloppy, feeds excellent.
  7. I don't have an older PMAG or EMAG to test with, sorry. The 416 mags and the KA PMAG feed excellent, as does the PTS PMAG midcap. The 450round M16 generic hicap feeds well. I have not tested the 330round M4 hicap.
  8. I may be able to increase the performance of the King Arms HiCap PMAG by dremelling off about 1mm of material in the magazine catch area.
  9. Hello all, Just received my PTS ACR today, and figured I'd write up a little ditty on mag fitment. Trying to kill the last fifteen minutes of the workday today, so I can't provide pics or feed info at the moment. So, on to the data: FITMENT Magpul PTS PMAG Midcap "M-Version" Fits well with about 2mm of play front-to-back. King Arms Licensed 360 Round Hicap PMAG Very difficult to insert while positively engaging the mag-catch. Does not want to engage the mag-catch by itself; you must manually push on the left side of the magazine catch to get it in. Once in, fits tight
  10. Would like to be able to modify display name. Mine stinks. Did it in haste when my first pick was taken. Name isn't very memorable. Any way to do this? Could a moderator/admin help me out with this? Would just create new account, but can't re-use primary email. Thanks.
  11. KSC USP.45F, put on TW metal slide recently Lonewolf's avatar scrip made me go here:
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