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  1. Thanks for the info, as a WE g39 owner the thought of a robust GBBR sounds like a dream come true. Price is high but if it doesnt make me go insane tinkering on it, it may be worth it
  2. Just chiming in to say this is a super cool project and great to see so much testing of this gun. Whats the verdict on the ghk aug in general? seems pretty damn robust.
  3. my man really do be out here with pehdoshades 😳
  4. Went on a road trip/soft trip with the boys last year. This video most accurately distills our experience
  5. Joined in 05 to get schooled on true geardo-ism doc newstead, havoc, crunchy bunny, sledge, it was chaos. I remember when the off topic section discovered the lazy town pirate song, good lord. candyman's wa2000 build was a saga for sure Sad to see it slow down, hopefully with social media tightening its grip we'll see a renaissance.
  6. Thanks for the kudos man, yeah people look at us like we're from Mars when we go to SC. Gotta get a Dye mask to blend in.
  7. Got one of them scope cams from brainexploder
  8. This barrel was cheaper than a Prometheus, so I snagged one. Kinda gimmicky but its better than the stock barrel without a doubt. very little science going on, but it might be helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4cJ2BuHCX4
  9. Getting back to Skirmishing after a break.
  10. Trying to find one of those asian market VFC MP5a5 AEGs in stock.

  11. Is someone talking smack on top mounted LLMs? WE g39
  12. WE g36 mags have been holding gas for ~2 years, still work #waddup

    1. renegadecow


      It's model dependent. My AK mags have been leak free for three years while my P90 mags started leaking in a month.

  13. Achtung! Mp5 people: VFC/RS stock on an SRC MP5? Discuss below plz

  14. that's all kinds of cool
  15. that HGG ring sling looks cool, but i seriously thought it would be like $30...not $50+

    1. ollie_ty


      It does look nice though....



      maybe if it was flecktarn

    3. ollie_ty


      HO HO HO, You know me too well :)

  16. with all those trees around, its more like....SPRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!!!
  17. tag it with LOL, CATS, BOOBS, YOLO, and SWAG...in all caps of course
  18. I watched the Heavy Metal movie last night...am i a man now?

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      a space shuttle dropping a corvette into orbit is the best way to start a movie ever

    3. FireKnife


      All I can say about that movie is:



    4. cazboab


      indeed. That film proves what I've always said, just cos its "adult" doesn't mean its not very very childish. :P

  19. UPS surepost is literally the worst thing on the planet

    1. renegadecow


      I disagree. EMS didn't even bother showing up with my Derringer, and that was for their express (premium) services.



      dang, my brooding is less justified now

  20. FF turned me onto Dual lock the other week, Its the stuff to get fur shure.
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